ABC 25 Days of Christmas – Movie schedule, plus 5 Disney Rewards daily

ABC Family is hosting 25 Days of Christmas with Christmas movies every day through December 25. Get a schedule of Christmas movies on TV here. I think tonight it is Home Alone and Santa Clause!

Plus everyday you can get 5 FREE Disney Movie Rewards!

  1. Start on the 25 Days of Christmas page
  2. Scroll down and you’ll see this cute Santa Paws on the right side of the page
  3. Click on “learn more” (make sure pop-up blocker isn’t on) to be redirected to the Disney Rewards website
  4. Login and you’ll get 5 points credited to your account!

(Thanks, DeAnn!)

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  1. Chris – This is an old post (from last year). This year the Disney Rewards are not on ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas, they are over on Pinterest. Go here to find them: I missed the first couple of days because I was looking for them on ABC Family like they were in the past. – DeAnn

  2. I can not find the image of Santa Paws on the ABC 25 Days of Christmas page. I stopped the blocks, but still no Santa Paws to link me to 25 days of rewards at Disney Rewards.

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