Albertsons – Closing seven stores in Washington and Oregon

Did you hear the news? Albertsons is planning to close seven (7) stores in Washington and Oregon, beginning this Friday!  This includes the locations in University Place and on Pearl Street in Tacoma, both of which should be closed by February 20. Other locations preparing to close include stores in Bothell and Vancouver in Washington and Albany and Pendleton in Oregon.

It’s not uncommon for stores that are closing to stop accepting coupons as they drop prices and try to liquidate the items they have on hand.

We’d love to hear from you – are these your local stores? Where do you plan to shop after they close? Are you seeing liquidations starting? 

(Thanks, Tacoma News Tribune)

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  1. Shantel, looks like I’ll be seeing more of you now! Stopping at Pearl St. or UP during the week is more convenient when I’m already over the bridge for work. Now I’ll be doing my Albies run on the weekends!. You guys still have great coupon stock up deals and the staff at all my local stores are great. I was sad when the doubles ended and I stopped spending my Sunday mornings with you :( I’m even sadder for my Albie friends, your comrades, that are losing their jobs. Look forward to supporting you and those that are left serving me a very valuable and appreciated service. YOU ROCK!

  2. What this really is showing us is not the health of the company, but the health of the economy and country. When a company starts losses and goes in the red we the consumer are faced with less choose on a already hard budget. Don’t blame the company for trying to succeed. I shop Albertson Fred Meyer and Safeway, I live on the Mt and a trip in to town for me is a hundred mile trip, so while I understand not wanting to change our habits, these are great stores. Thanks so much Queen Bee for making it easier to stay on budget

    • Shantel Frey says:

      I agree with Kathy…i have worked for Albertsons for almost 14 years…its a great company to work d
      for. We have A LOT of competition lately and our U.P. store and the Pearl street store just weren’t getting the numbers we needed to stay afloat (this is all due to when supervalu bought us back in 2006 ) or whenever it was…they hiked our prices up so our customers stopped coming in…they realized well hey we are so far in the negative lets just sell off some stores ans see if that helps…that was the first round of shut downs when they closed lackey and Bonney lake…then they sold us back to Albertsons LLC. ..gave us some time..not enough time if you ask me to turn things around…and see if we can do it…well…we were profiting but not as fast as they liked. So now that we are even more in the negative they are closing hopefully the last time they have to close stores…to regain back into the positive…there are things they could have done by they didn’t and it’s not our fault…my store director is AMAZING…I know he feels horrible…so I want to remind you…I understand everyone wants to get a good deal once they start liquidation on Friday..BUT remember that whoever you cross at the stores you shop at might be looking their job!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT

  3. Albertsons has been a pain to coupon at anyway, and they stopped doing doublers. I try to avoid the one in town here and just have walmart price match.

    • Doublers hurt our business alot, we lost a TON of money that way…it’s whatever…I’m tired of no one supporting us who may loose our jobs :(

      • So how would you like people to “support those who are going to lose their jobs? Not shop there? Not coupon there? We are looking for deals, sorry that your store is closing- but just because we shop there doesn’t mean that we aren’t “supporting those who are going to lose their jobs. You’ve posted this EXACT comment on FB and here. What are YOU doing to be sure that you don’t lose your job?

  4. Lately, I have gone to the Pearl Street location. I used to shop at Albertsons regularly when we lived close to the 38th St store and I was couponing more. Now that WalMart is literally two blocks down the street from me, I do my main shopping there to save on gas. Once a month or so I hit Winco for there bulk section. However, I don’t buy fresh meat from WalMart or Winco as I don’t care for the quality. I LOVE Albertson’s butcher block and wait for their sale on lean ground beef and buy 10lbs or so to stock my freezer. I also love there selection of packaged fresh meats. It’s too bad that these stores are closing and people will be out of work. Hopefully the remaining stores will be able to stay open. I will drive across town to continue to buy meat at Albetson’s. Plus, they did away with their store card which is nice!

  5. Thank you Patrice for your support!!This is the hardest thing for me, it’s my second home, I’ve grown up in the store, I guess it’s a blessing in disguise my old store director wouldn’t promote me because I was in that store too long, well now I am moving on to bigger better things, maybe now I can become a FRONT end manager like I wanted :) I have worked at u.p. for 14 years

  6. Michelle f. I would like to respond to your comment, we HAVE lowered our prices. Thank you for supporting the people who are possibly going to loose their jobs, their livelihood, oh and I hope you don’t buy winco meat sine you like winco more…their meat is NASTY but like you care any way

    • I agree on meat at Winco. I’ve bought meat from Winco twice and both times the meat smelled bad once I opened it at home. Not fresh at all !!!

  7. The 2 Vancouver stores that are closing are the 2 stores that would be closest to me. I don’t shop Albertson’s much anyways b/c they are too far away unless there is something great going on.
    Our East Co (Fisher’s Landing) store closed a few years ago. Most of the employees there went to Padden – one of the closing stores. Many of them are really long term employees. I feel bad for all of them.

  8. Yes, the University Place store is about a mile from my home. I am feeling bad for the people who work there. I’ve known them a long time. I am sorrowful.

  9. Mine closed last year…it was just around the corner from where I live, and I loved having it so close! I never go to Albertsons anymore because the closest one to me now is 20 minutes away.

  10. Gah!!! Seriously!! Not the one on Pearl :(

  11. Man, that stinks! I hope they don’t close the one in my neighborhood anytime soon…it’s less then a 1/2 a mile from my place! I am in Puyallup.

  12. Michelle f says:

    Goodbye pearl st. albertsucks. Wow maybe if you’d lowered your prices they made more
    And wouldn’t be going under. Hope they put in a winco B-)

  13. JHollyhock (aka Jennifer H.) says:

    That is sad. We already lost ours in town and now the closest one to me is closing as well.

  14. I’m honestly not surprised about the Albertsons on pearl street they are always dead and not in the best condition.

  15. Oh, no! The U.P. one is the one I go to. I’m really disappointed because it’s on the same road as Fred Meyer and Safeway. I really liked to be able to go to all three easily. There is another one in the opposite direction off of Steilacoom Blvd., but It’s not nearly as convenient for me.

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