Best LEGO Deals from Amazon, updated December 9



Best LEGO deals

Amazon dropped the prices on a bunch of LEGO today.  This list comes from our mega-list of Amazon’s Best Toy Deals.

*New* means it’s been added since the last update
*Best price* means it’s the best price I’ve seen on Amazon
*Price drop* means it’s dropped to even lower, while on the list
*HOT!* means I think it’s one of the VERY best deals, but I only post the great deals, so they are all pretty hot, if you ask me.

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Best LEGO deals

LEGO Legends of Chima: Wolves and Crocodiles (Activity Book #2) - $3.23 (reg. $8.99!)

LEGO Green Building Plate (10″ x 10″) - $4.99, add-on item


*New* LEGO City Surfer Rescue Toy Set – $5.24 (reg. $8.99), best price!

*NEW* LEGO Ninjago Kais Fire Mech - $7.30 (reg. $9.99)

*NEW* LEGO Superheroes 76002 Superman Metropolis Showdown – $8.49 (reg. $12.99)

LEGO Ninja Turtles Kraang Lab Escape 79100 - $9.20 (reg. $12.99)

LEGO LEGO Hero Factory BULK 44004 - $9.29 (reg. $11.99)

*NEW* LEGO DUPLO Baby Zoo – $9.99 (reg. $14.99)

LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles Hardcover Book – $11.92

*NEW* LEGO Ninjago Warrior Bike - $13.19 (reg. $19.99), best price!


LEGO DUPLO Disney Princess Snow White’s Cottage - $13.39 (reg. $14.99), best price!

LEGO Play Book: Ideas to Bring Your Bricks to Life - $12.83

LEGO Ninjago Cole Earth Driller 70502 - $13.17 (reg. $19.99), best price!


*NEW* LEGO City 60019 Stunt Plane Toy Building Set – $13.49 (reg. $19.99), best price!

*NEW* LEGO Superheroes 76009 Superman Black Zero Escape - $13.99 (reg. $19.99), best price


*New* LEGO Super Heroes Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle – $14.24 (reg. $19.99), best price

LEGO Castle Gold Getaway – $14.59 (reg. $19.99)

*New* LEGO Star Wars AT-RT – $14.99 (reg. $19.99), best price!


*HOT**NEW* LEGO City Police High Speed Chase – $17.25, (reg. $29.99), best price

*NEW* LEGO Ninja Turtles Shredder Dragon Bike – $18.99 (reg. $24.99)


*New* LEGO DUPLO My First Fire Station – $20.99 (reg. $29.99), not quite the best price but close

LEGO The Hobbit Escape from Mirkwood Spiders - $22.99 (reg. $29.99), best price


LEGO The Lone Ranger Stagecoach Escape - $22.99 (reg. $29.99)

LEGO Minifigure Year by Year: A Visual History - $25.11 (reg. $40)


*NEW* LEGO Chima Eris Eagle Interceptor – $26.99 (reg. $34.99)

*NEW* LEGO Super Heroes Iron Man Malibu Mansion Attack – $27.99 (reg. $39.99), best price

*NEW* LEGO City Cargo Truck Toy Building Set – $29.99 (reg. $39.99)


*Price Drop* LEGO Superheroes 76003 Superman Battle of Smallville - $30.99  (reg. $49.99)


LEGO Chima Laval Royal Fighter 70005 - $34.49 (reg. $39.99)

LEGO City Police Heavy-Lift Helicopter 4439 - $42.53 (reg. $49.99)

LEGO The Lone Ranger Silver Mine Shootout - $46.99 (reg. $69.99)

*NEW* LEGO Chima 70009 Worriz Combat Lair – $47.99 (reg. $69.99), best price!


 IRIS LEGO 6-Case Workstation and Storage Unit with 2 Base Plates - $49.99 (reg. $65)

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  1. Amazon has Lego Friends Olivia’s House for $67.99 not the $50.99 on this list. I don’t know if the lower price was for just a certain amount of time or if is to suppose to be for the whole day.

  2. Just wanted to let everyone know that Amazon reduced the Lego King’s Castle an extra $5 the other night temporarily so I got it for only $69.99! So, if you have your eye on it you might want to keep a close watch for another temporary drop. :)

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