Costco baking ingredient price list – flour, sugar, nuts, butter, chocolate

Baking season is right around the corner (or maybe already here for some of you?) – so we put together a list of Costco prices for baking ingredients. I always like to compare the bulk pricing at Costco with the sale prices at my local grocery stores to figure out a “good” price.

Another great place to watch, especially for things like nuts, coconut, flour, etc. is the bulk section at Winco and Cash & Carry.

Prices effective as of October 20, 2012. Prices can change at anytime and can vary by store location.

Package SizePackage PriceUnit Price
Almond Butter – MaraNatha26 oz$6.79$0.261/oz
Baking Powder – Red Star5 lbs (80 oz)$9.99$0.125/oz
Baking Soda – Arm & Hammer13.5 lbs$6.59$0.488/lb
Blue Agave Syrup (Organic) – Wholesome Sweetness2-36 oz$9.99$0.139/oz
Chocolate Chips – Ambrosia10 lbs (160 oz)$18.99$0.119/oz
Chocolate Chips – Kirkland Signature56 oz$6.99$0.125 oz
Chocolate Chips – Toll House72 oz$10.79$0.149/oz
Chocolate Syrup – Hershey’s2-48 oz$6.29$0.066/oz
Chocolate Syrup – Hershey’s7.5 lbs (120 oz)$7.35$0.061/oz
Cinnamon – Kirkland Signature10.7 oz$2.65$0.248/oz
Cinnamon Sticks – McCormick8 oz$5.99$0.749 oz
Coffee, Instant – Folgers16 oz$8.99$0.562/oz
Flour, All Purpose – Con Agra25 lbs$8.49$0.34/lb
Flour, Bread – Con Agra50 lbs$16.79$0.336/lb
Honey (Bear Bottles) – Kirkland Signature3-24 oz$11.99$0.167/oz
Honey (Pure Clover) – Kirkland Signature5 lbs (80 oz)$12.99$0.162/oz
Lemon Juice – Realemon2-48 oz$5.79$0.060/oz
Maple Syrup (Organic) – Kirkland Signature33 oz (1 liter)$13.39$0.406/oz
Milk, Evaporated – Carnation12-12 oz$11.59$0.080/oz
Milk, Sweetened Condensed – Eagle Brand4-14 oz$6.45$0.115/oz
Non-Stick Spray – Kirkland Signature2-16 oz$5.79$0.181/oz
Non-Stick Spray – Pam2-12 oz$6.89$0.287/oz
Nutella2-26.5 oz$9.95$0.188/oz
Oats – Quaker Old Fashioned10 lbs$7.89$0.049/oz
Oil, Canola – Kirkland Signature1.25 gallon$8.99$0.056/oz
Oil, Coconut (Organic) – Nutiva78 oz$21.99$0.282/oz
Oil, Corn – Mazola2.5 gallon$21.69$0.169/oz
Oil, Vegetable – Kirkland Signature1.25 gallon$9.49$0.059/oz
Peanut Butter, Creamy – Adams Natural80 oz$9.99$0.125/oz
Peanut Butter, Creamy – Skippy2-48 oz$11.99$0.125/oz
Peanut Butter, Crunchy – Skippy2-48 oz$11.99$0.125/oz
Splenda1.63 lbs$12.69$5.33/lb
Sugar (Organic) – Wholesome Sweetners10 lbs$11.49$1.149/lb
Sugar, Brown – C & H25 lbs$15.99$0.64/lb
Sugar, Brown – C & H4 lbs$2.99$0.748/lb
Sugar, Granulated – C & H25 lbs$13.75$0.55/lb
Sugar, Granulated – C & H10 lbs$5.55$0.555/lb
Sugar, Powdered – C & H4 lbs$2.99$0.748/lb
Sugar, Powdered – C & H50 lbs$31.39$0.628/lb
Vanilla – Kirkland Signature16 oz$6.89$0.431/oz
Yeast – Red Star32 oz$3.99$0.125/oz
          Costco baking list  
Almonds , Whole – Kirkland Signature3 lbs$10.89$3.63/lb
Almonds, Sliced2 lbs$7.99$3.995/lb
Pecan Halves – Kirkland Signature2 lbs$15.99$7.995/lb
Walnuts – Kirkland Signature3 lbs$17.99$5.997/lb
                        Costco baking list    
Dairy Products for Baking
Butter, Salted – Kirkland Signature4-1 lb$8.99$2.248/lb
Butter, Salted (Organic) – Kirkland Signature2-1 lb$7.99$3.995/lb
Butter, Unsalted – Kirkland Signature4-1 lb$8.99$2.248/lb
Cream Cheese – Philadelphia3 lb tub$7.99$2.663/lb
Cream Cheese – Raskas3 lb brick$5.89$1.963/lb
Half & Half – Darigold64 oz$2.99$0.047/oz
Whipped Cream – Land O Lakes3-14 oz$8.85$2.95/each
Whipping Cream, 40% – Darigold64 oz$7.89$0.123/oz
         Costco baking list   
Apricots, Dried – Mariani3 lbs (48 oz)$7.69$2.563/lb
Blueberries, Frozen – Firestone5 lbs (80 oz)$13.99$2.798/lb
Cherries, Dark (Organic) – Townsend Farms4 lbs (64 oz)$13.99$3.498/lb
Cranberries, Dried – Craisins3 lbs (48 oz)$7.49$2.497/lb
Dates – Sun Date2.5 lbs (40 oz)$5.65$2.26/lb
Pumpkin, Canned – Libby’s3-29 oz$7.59$0.087/oz
Raspberries, Blueberries & Blackberries, Frozen – Kirkland4 lbs (64 oz)$10.99$2.748/lb
Strawberries, Frozen – Kirkland Signature6 lbs (96 oz)$8.99$1.498/lb
         Costco baking list   
Baking Tools
Aluminum Foil – Reynolds, 12 inch2 -250′ rolls$15.99$3.20/100 ft
Parchment Paper – Kirkland Signature15″ x 164′$5.89$2.87/100 ft
Plastic Wrap – Kirkland Signature2-750′ rolls$9.99$0.67/100 ft
Mesa 4-piece Square Serving Set$19.99
Nordic Ware Bundt Cake Pan & Keeper$19.99xxxxxxxxxxx
Pyrex Portables 8 piece set$29.99

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  1. Thanks for the list. Any idea about the price of eggs?

  2. This is so helpful! I was at Safeway this morning debating whether or not to get the 4lb bag of sugar on sale because I didn’t know how it compared to Costco. I’ll definitely use this as a reference in the future. Thanks!

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