Costco – Gluten-free foods list *Updated October 2014!*


It can be hard to find gluten-free deals, but Costco has some great gluten-free offerings! We put together this list of Costco gluten-free deals so you can reference it when looking for gluten-free bargains.

We scoured the Costco warehouse and read hundreds of labels to find as many gluten-free foods as we could. We’ve listed them below, grouped by area of the warehouse, to make them easy for you to find. Our focus was on packaged and prepared foods – foods that were nearly impossible to find gluten-free versions of a few years ago.

Please note – all the foods on this list are labeled “No Gluten” or “Gluten Free.” However, the vast minority were not “Certified Gluten Free.” What’s the difference? Foods that are Certified Gluten Free are typically produced in a facility that doesn’t process wheat or other ingredients that contain gluten. This eliminates the risk of cross-contamination on shared manufacturing equipment. Foods marked No Gluten or Gluten Free may not have gluten ingredients, but could have trace amounts of gluten from other products made in the same facility. Depending on your reason for avoiding gluten in your diet, this difference could be really important.

For a comprehensive Costco Price list check out our Costco Price list more than 850 items listed by per unit price!

This list is updated as of October 2014. Prices and availability will change depending on warehouse location and time.


Kirkland Signature tortilla chips – $3.59, 3 lbs.
Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar Puffs – $4.99, 16 oz.
Late July Organic Multigrain chips – $5.99, 24 oz.
Luke’s Brown Rice Chips – $6.99, 20 oz.
Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips – $5.99, 24 oz.
Food Should Taste Food Brown Rice Crackers – $6.79, 20 oz.
Mary’s Gone Crackers Organic Crackers – $7.49, 20 oz.
Crunchmaster Rice Crackers Toasted Sesame and Artisan Four Cheese – $7.99, 21 oz. (6 count)
Amiki Sesame Snaps – $8.49, 36 ct.
Kirkland Signature Steak strips – $8.99, 12 oz
Kirkland Signature Cashew Clusters – $9.49, 32 oz.
Kirkland Microwave popcorn – $9.79, 44 – 3.3 oz bags
Caveman Paleo Bars – 18.99, 20 ct.
Kirkland Signature Kettle Krinkle Cut Chips – $4.59, 32 oz.
Fruit by the Foot – $10.89, 42 ct.

Entrees & Meat

Kirkland Signature Spiral sliced Ham – $2.49/lb., package size varies
Kirkland Signature Boneless Ham Steak – $5.29/lb., package size varies
Kirkland rotisserie chicken- $4.99, minimum 3lbs
Columbus Salami – $11.99, 20 oz.

Sides & Appetizers

Fresh Food Concepts Traditional Hummus – $4.99, 33 oz.
Sabra Hummus Singles – $5.99, 32 oz. (16 count)
Pita Pal Organic Red Pepper Hummus – $5.99, 32 oz.
Sabra Sundried Tomato Hummus – $5.99, 32 oz.
Organic Wholly Guacamole – $12.89, 48 oz. (3 – 16 oz packs)
Good Foods Guacamole singles – $11.49, 30 oz. (12 – 2.5 oz packs)
Santa Barbara Mango Salsa with Peach – $5.39, 48 oz.
Penny’s All Natural Pico de Gallo – $5.49, 48 oz.

Deli & Cold Case

Maya Kaimal Coconut Curry Sauce – $8.49, 32 oz.
Coffeemate French Vanilla creamer – $5.29, 64 oz.
Smart Balance Buttery Spread – $6.79, 4 lbs. (2 count)
Kirkland Signature Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt – $6.99, 64 oz. (2 count)
Silk Organic Vanilla Soy milk – $7.39 (3 – 64 oz containers)
Yoplait Go-Gurt Simple – $7.49, 72 oz. (32 count)
Litehouse bleu cheese salad dressing – $9.99,  64 oz. (2 – 32 oz containers)
Kirkland Signature Turkey Breast –  $9.99, 42 oz. (3 count)
Kirkland Signature extra lean ham – $9.99, 42 oz. (3 count)
Yoplait Light Variety Pack – $9.99, 144 oz. (24 count)
Yoplait Original Variety Pack – $9.99, 144 oz. (24 count)
Kirkland Signature 1/4 Pound Beef Dinner Franks, $12.99, 3.81 lbs.
Kirkland Signature 1/4 Pound Beef Polish Sausage – $12.99, 3.81 lbs.
Kirkland Signature Beef Hot Dogs – $12.99, 4.5 lbs (3 – 1.5 lb packs)
Perfect Bars Variety Pack – $19.99, 12 count


Kirkland Signature Turkey Burgers – $10.89, 4 lbs. (12 count)
Sabatasso Gluten Free 4 cheese pizza – $11.79, 2 ct.
Udi’s Gluten Free Bread – $7.49, 1 loaf


Namaste Gluten Free Organic Perfect Flour Blend – $11.99, 5 lbs.
Minute Rice – $5.49, 4.5 lbs.
Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce – $5.59, 80 oz. (2 count)
Kirkland Signature Real Mayonnaise – $5.49, 64 oz.
Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Envelopes – $5.89, 43.8 oz. (60 count)
Nutiva Organic coconut flour – $6.89, 4 lbs.
Heinz Tomato Ketchup – $6.99, 134 oz. (3 ct)
Honest Earth Creamy Mash Instant Potatoes – $9.99, 89.6 oz. (14 count)
Kirkland Organic Southwestern Black Bean soup – $10.99, 17 oz (8 pk)
Kirkland Signature Organic Chicken Stock – $11.99, 192 oz. (6 count)
Lundberg Organic Brown rice – $13.39, 12 lbs.
Nature’s Intent Organic Quinoa – $17.99, 4 lbs.
Goldbaum’s Gluten Free Brown Rice Penne Pasta – $7.59, 4 16 oz. packs
Klement’s Beef Summer Sausage – $10.99, 3 lbs.

What are your favorite gluten-free Costco deals? We’d love to hear! Please leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. Janelle says:

    Why not do an entire aisle of gluten free products: pastas, breads, cookies, rolls, baked goods like pies, cakes, etc…ready made dinners, cause we gf folks need convenience as much, if not more than, others?

  2. Sue cramer says:

    Like the double loafs of bread. For 7.00 and any ice cream gluten free,

  3. Used to love the Udi’s gluten pepperoni pizza. But the local Costco stores (SF bay area) don’t carry it anymore. Nor can I find the Sabatasso Gluten Free 4 cheese pizza here. :(

  4. M JEAN SCOTT says:

    I could not be more pleased with the gluten free pizza!

  5. james g mcpeak says:

    Your smoked GF boneless hams unsliced are the best,, can’t you make the red currant glaze that goes in the package with the ham GF?

  6. Allan Gold says:

    i would love to see a good selection of gluten free baked goods

  7. costco had a good gluten free pancake mix and they haven’t had it last times I was there. Can they get it again. Fargo ND store. I love the store and use gluten free foods and Kirkland products all the time.

  8. Andrew Palestini says:

    Last year I bought a large bag of Miltons gluten free sea salt crackers. But recently O tried my store at Glen Mills, Pa and could not find them again. My sister also checked her store in Lancaster, Pa. without luck. I finally found smsller bags at my local Shoprite Supermarket, which also had two other varieties.
    Did Costco stop carrying the Miltons gluten free crackers?

  9. Rick Atherton says:

    Costco used to carry krusteze gluten-free brownie mix today I was told it has been discontinued I would like to see it brought back, the product is really superior to others .

  10. I would like to order bread from Costco Udi’s gluten free. Is it possible?

  11. Cay Flaherty says:

    Would really like to see my Costco in Alexandria, VA, carry Glutino breads. They must be kept in the frozen foods section, and are by far superior in taste and texture to any Udi’s products I’ve tried. Their Cinnamon Raisin Bread is fantastic! The English Muffins make great hamburger/bbq buns, and the White Sandwich Bread actually holds together while you eat it, unlike Udi’s which crumbles at the first bite. Whole Foods gets my business until Costco starts carrying Glutino breads!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    In FL they carry full cooked turkey breast it is only 3.99 lb average 4 lbs each
    Gluten free and nitrate free
    Freeze half and use half
    Much less then other deli meats and this can have many uses as you cut to your liking

    Udis lovers try the 7 grain, TARGET have it in the fresh bread at the larger stores

  13. we love udis white bread and costco carries whole grain udis bread can you get the white bread? big difference in taest.

  14. #1 rice chex serial
    #2 Gluten free bread

  15. Hello,
    Are Costco’s Kirkland Signature Deluxe American cheese slices gluten free?


  16. A friend gave me a bag of Namaste GF Perfect Flour for Christmas. I made white chocolate cranberry cookies with it. I have to say I love this flour blend so far. My kids will eat GF baked goods only while they are hot and the grainy feeling of the flours are not as noticeable, but they have been eating these cookies cold. They can hardly believe they are made with GF flour. Next I’m gonna try a batch of biscuits, but so far I’m loving it.

  17. I have just found out that I am gluten intolerant. I am finding all of your comments very useful. I have a double or should I say triple whammy because I have always been allergic to potatoes and corn. Yes, there are products that are gluten free without potatoes or corn, however, most are hard to find and a little pricey. I will point out that Costco carries a big box of Tate chocolate chip cookies. They have gluten. But, Tate also makes delicious gluten free cookies in chocolate chip or chocolate chocolate chip or for ginger lovers, ginger cookies with candied pieces of real ginger:no gluten, no potato and no corn only pure gluten free ingredients. I wish Costco would carry that. Now, for the people who are questioning whether or not something is truly gluten free. I recently googled “gluten by any other name”. It’s amazing how many ingredients have gluten or wheat hidden in them. I am quickly finding out if I can pronounce it I’m not buying it. I have also found out that any vague ingredient like modified food starch is a no-no. Flavor additives, too, sends up a red flag. I, also, checked the label for the rotisserie chicken. I can’t remember what it is that caused me to question if it was safe but there was an ingredient that I was surprised to see. I chose not to buy it because of the possibility of gluten. I believe it was the last ingredient on the label.

  18. That is a lot for Udi’s bread! Less than $5 a loaf at our local grocery store

    • It’s an enormous loaf; much larger than the normal loaf size of Udi’s you get a grocery store. It’s also not frozen at my Costco and next to regular bread.

    • Phyllis says:

      Not only is it larger, but the slices of bread are the size of non-gluten free bread. And for some reason, even though the name of the bread variety is the same, it tastes so much better that the ones in the grocery store. I am only sad that now that I have moved to Southern California, it is not available. I have asked my store to carry it and they won’t because the carry some other brand of gluten free bread with the regular bread, but it is HORRIBLE!

  19. Loved the GF Breton Cracker 4 Packs. Bring them back to Texas please!

  20. I know the rotisserie chicken at Costco is GF, but does anyone know if the Costco cold chicken salad made from their rotisserie chickens is also GF??

    • Brenda Routt says:

      Diana, I just started on the gluten free diet by doctors orders. If u found out anything about the chicken salad , would u email me and let me know. Thank you.

  21. Pillsbury has gluten free cookie dough.. It’s around 5.00 but they are good;)

  22. The Milton crackers that you carried this past summer were the best and the price was amazing! The best par twas they were low in calries and not many guten free products are. Please bring them back forever! I’ve been a celiac for 30 years and know this is an amazing prouct!!

  23. Glutino gluten free bagel chips. Parmesan and garlic… yummy!)

  24. My local costco in Michigan does not carry 3/4th of the products listed. I have checked them out many times and there is no gluten free bread, cookies. Wondering when our Costco will start to carry these products.

  25. The Kale Salad , whilch I have heard is delicious, is not marked gluten free. Does anyone know if it is?

  26. Hi, I am from Montreal, Quebec. Thank you so much for this update!! Our costco does not have all these products but they are getting more and more as tome passes. I would like to mention however that the rotisserie chicken is NOT gluten free so please be carefull with that and read the labels. I’m guessing since it’s made in store it might be different from now store to the next. Thanks again for the list :-))

    • Wow, Montreal! Thanks for commenting. You are right about the rotisserie chicken. It varies from store to store as it is gluten free at the store where I compiled this list in Washington state. As always, it you’re sensitive to gluten or have Celiac disease, it is important to read every label, every time! :)

  27. First of all I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Costco. I have had both parts of Celiac for 25 years and through the years I have eaten a lot of not so good food. I thank you for the new multi grain crackers that are gluten free, the BREAD you are now carrying that is gluten free is the best that I have ever eaten in 25 years I beg you to keep carrying it for us. But the biggest thing I need to thank you for carrying is your Kirkland shampoo & conditioner they are awesome I even have my salon I go to buying it. Also it’s so nice having a body wash by Kirkland that is also gluten free. Please don’t quit carrying these products. Thank you again Costco from one of your best gluten free buyers. I tell everyone about the bread, it is a true winner to eat a sandwich that does not fall apart in your hands. YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sincerely Lori

  28. Thanks for the list of all the wonderful gf foods costco carries. Here in alberta canada, I haven’t found the gf bread however costco here does sell gf pasta spaghetti and penne ( the penne is by tru roots) they also have a wonderful gf pancake mix and flour. I will keep my eye out for all the other great products! Thanks again!

  29. I feel so fortunate that our Costco carries so many GF products. I have heard that we have the smallest Costco in the organization-right here in Juneau Alaska.

    Some products we have here that were not listed are:

    Elisabeth Hassselbeck’s nogii protein D’Lites

    Pretzel Perfection Salted Caramel Clusters–gourmet pretzel treats

    Lucy’s GF chocolate chip cookies

    Glutino Chocolate Vanilla Creme cookies (like Oreos)

    Krusteaz GF Double chocolate brownie mix

    Glutino Pretzel twists

    Crunchmaster Rice Crakers

    Glutino Parmesean Garlic Bagel chips

    Clif Organic Fruit Rope

    Cheetos (no kiddin’)

    Angie’s Kettle corn in the yellow bag

    Sabatasso’s GF Frozen Pizzza (which is very good–our friends can not tell that it is GF)

    Maya Kaimal All Natural Madras Chickpea Curry —also the coconut curry

    2 diff. varieties of Tamales in husk

    Honey Nut Chex

    Creetors caramel and cheese popcorn

    Finlandia All Natural Cheese Deli Slices variety pack(Swiss, Colby Jack,Sharp Cheddar, Monterey Jack)***sliced and shredded cheeses you need to be careful with because manufacturers may use wheat cellulose to prevent cheese from sticking together and are not required to list it in ingredients because the percentage is low enough to be allowable to not be listed on ingredient list.****

    Our Costco also has GF coconut flour, almond flour, pasta

  30. Christy says:

    Wanting to know if Kirkland Asian/BBQ inspireded Pork Strips are really Gluten Free? The sample lady said yes, no wheat … But ingredients state modified FOOD starch. Does not say in what form. Could this be wheat?

    • Christy says:

      I think I just found my answer. Read that new FDA regs make it so that if a product says modified food starch, and it is derived from wheat .. It must state so in the “possible allergy” info. So looks like I can enjoy the jerky. A nice bonus as well is that it’s not full of nitrates !!! Thank you Kirkland for leaving out all those unnecessary nasty preservatives !

    • Tilla Ham says:

      many many certified GF products say “modified food starch”. I have heard, that if it’s in the united states, modified food starch is gluten free, though I have no way to verify that this is true

  31. thank you for compiling this list! I’m recently diagnosed, and even though I know our (Glen Burnie, Maryland) store might not carry everything on this list, it’s great having a list to work from.

    • Lacie Campochiaro says:

      Ariana all the Costco warehouses in the northeast and southeast also have gluten free Comfort Cuisine, Cape Cod Chicken Salad! Full of white meat chicken breast, celery, pecans, cranberries, and honey poppyseed dressing! Super yummy! :)

  32. Angie’s Tri-Color Popping Corn is gluten and GMO free! My kiddos love popcorn and this is hands down their favourite!!

  33. Angie’s Tri-Color popping corn is gluten and GMO free! My kids’ love popcorn and this is hands down their favourite!

  34. Brittany Davis says:

    I’ve tried the queso so far and loved it! Has anyone found pasta?

  35. Keith Scalco says:

    Would like to know if you all will start stocking the GF chicken nuggets ?

  36. Madeline Hutchinson says:

    Dempster’s gluten free bread is the best GF bread I’ve ever had. Hopefully, you’ll start carrying the white one, as well.
    It too, is great.
    Also GF Crunchmaster crackers are better than any wheat ones, I’ve ever ate.
    Love your gluten free pepperoni for my pizzas as well.
    Thank you for carrying these products!

  37. Kelli Lester says:

    Hi, I would love to know when your support group in Renton get together as
    I would like to join you.

    Please get back to me.

  38. Hi Heather! I was so excited to see something Gluten Free related in your posts, thank you! I shared this with my GIG (gluten intolerance group) leader last night. I sent her the link and I am sure she will send this along to the group. We are always looking for great deals and with Costco being so huge its hard to find a solid list anywhere. Thanks for doing the work on this, means a lot to us gluten free folks out here :)
    BTW – I had a friend at Corp Costco hunt down the Rotisserie chicken answer and the answer she got back was sadly “depends”. Not all the kitchens are the same. The one in Issaquah and Southcenter were listed as GF, they do not use any gluten fillers or gluten based broths. I asked if she could hunt down a list of the ones that were GF and she is looking for one. Just a side note they are not a GF certified kitchen so remember you could always get cross-contamination.

    If anyone out there needs a support team or would like additional information about GI and/or Celiac we have a great support group that meets once a month in Renton I can share the information. New members are always welcome!

    Thank you again Heather for the wonderful post!!

    • The Everett rotisserie chicken packaging says Gluten Free, too. I think you make an important point for people with Celiac that it is important to check the package every time! :)

    • Kelli Lester says:

      Hi, please let me know more about the meetings in Renton

    • Brenda Routt says:

      Hi Misti, I’m Brenda from Kentucky. I was diagnosed as Gluten intolerant recently and I’m at a loss. The doctor gave me a small list of foods and it has helped reading some of the comments on this page. I didn’t know if there was a site I could go to of the group meetings or some more information. Help desperately needed in Kentucky.

  39. This list is AMAZING! Thank you so much. Does anyone know if the GF loafs are bigger than Udi’s or Rudi’s? I want to compare prices to see if Costco is cheaper. My son had celiac disease and I am sensitive to gluten. This information was really helpful:D BTW- If your child has celiac and you want them to have the option of getting hot lunch for school, contact the nutrition department with the pediatrician’s note, and it will be provided for them. They offer GF pizzas, waffles, pancakes, etc. It is delivered specifically for your child, so there’s not a risk of cross contamination since the food isn’t made in the cafeteria. My son really enjoys the waffles and pizzas (GF of course).

    • I used to buy UDI from Trader Joe’s and then found that costco had double loafs. 2 for under $7. they are LARGE and wider!
      I am very pleased with the bread and pizzas that UDI carries and Costco

  40. Hi Margot, I am also a Margot!!!! Not too many of us around. My daughter has Celiac. We have known for about a year. Our favorite from Costco is the rotisserie chicken. My daughter has never gotten sick from it and she is extremely sensitive.

  41. What a great thing you are doing to help those in the celiac community. I’m hoping to find an updated list of their products since I just stumbled upon this link. Thank you!

  42. Pat smith says:

    The Gluten and Wheat free Rice crackers that I bought at Costco were delicious. Half were plain and, half were flavored
    with Parmesan cheese. They came together in a big box. Absolutely divine!! I too have a Celiac Disease and it is NOT an easy road. REad EVERY ingedient listed on ALL products for safety. Whole Foods is a good Gluten Free food source too,
    but it will cost you. Walamart even has a Gluten FRee food section now as well. Glutano pop tarts, pretzels, etc. Good luck
    my fellow suffer’ers!!

  43. Just found Essential Baking company’s GF bread at Costo and OMG is it good! It comes in 2 vacuumed packed bags and stays fresh for month unopened. It’s so good I even turned all my coworkers onto it. $7.99 for a 2 pack.

    • The Essential Baking Co bread is awesome! My next fave , I love Glutino Flax Ssed bread best. Udis is dry and has a weird textrue. The Esssential is a west coast thing. I found it in Iowa City. They don’t carry it in Maryland.

  44. In Quebec the rotisserie chicken is NOT gluten free. I got very sick after eating the chicken and wondered why seeing as everyone says it’s gluten free. Once I checked the label it clearly says there is wheat in the spices. ;-((. To bad it WAS delicious!!!

  45. Deborah Durkee says:

    Has anyone verified that the Costco rotisserie chickens are gluten free? On another groups website, someone posted that her grocery stores (Not Costco) were injected with a broth that contains gluten.
    Thanks, D

  46. Celia Husmann says:

    They also carry the Essential Baking Company GF bread (one variety). We own a little shop that sells this bread and it is VERY popular. It’s also much cheaper than any frozen GF bread you’d find in a grocery store.

  47. Margot-my son has had celiac for almost 4 years, and I promise, it gets better. Please email me at lmnopkids (at) if you need anything or have any questions. :)

  48. We found a new product last time we were at Costco (that is gluten free). They’re chicken mini sausages (think little smokies) from Kinder’s. We’re getting ready to try them tonight. Our little town grocery store carries Kinder’s BBQ sauce (which is gluten free) and it’s fabulous, so I’m hoping the little sausages are just as good as the BBQ sauce!

  49. Thanks for this Heather!!!! This is very helpful. My daughter was just diagnosed with Celiac disease last week and we are struggling. We have always done a lot of shopping at Costco, so this list will come in very handy.

    • Margaret says:

      Hi Margot,

      This is a great list. Depending on where you live and which Costco you shop there are alot of GF choices. South Center Costco has alot of items none of the other Costcos carry. Also Winco has great prices, altho you have to hunt for GF items. Good luck with your shopping, lots of choices and alot more expensive. BTW – it does get easier!

    • Hi Margot,

      Your daughter has a big journet ahead. I would stick to unprocessed foods (the produce and meat depts) and absolutely certified gluten-free. Even trace elements of gluten (as found in many contaminated processed foods) can lead to many complications such as leaky gut, IBS, and even cancer if not avoided entirely. Joining a CSA as well as starting a personal garden can be excellent money-saving strategies for her new diet.

    • Tilla Ham says:

      Margot. My 10 year old has been diagnosed for a bit over 1 year. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy and they are so much healthier they will never miss anything.

      The hardest part is school lunches or food on the go. Make sure you are always prepared with GF snacks for long days.

      My daughter lives and dies by the Udi’s muffins and cinnamon rolls. Being a kid is hard enough without treats. A fabulous website that I absolutely love is they make donuts, pies, breads, dinner rolls all of the things that I am not great at because I’m a terrible cook

      Good luck to her! Within a month of going gf my daughter felt so much better, I hope your daughter does too