Felted Eggs. How to make felted eggs. They are cute, in an ugly sorta way.


Felted Egg Craft

I found this craft idea in a recent Family Fun magazine and thought I’d give it a try. I don’t get super excited about the cutsie, tootsie Easter decorations. But thought the felted eggs in the magazine were kinda charming. So I thought I’d give it a try. . . they turned out cute, in an earthy, awkward way. :) If I had more “springy colors” perhaps they would have turned out better.

Don’t be too hard on yourself with this craft – from what I could tell it’s tricky to be detail-oriented! My Type-A personality was cringing as I tried to make the eggs look a specific way. Just have fun with it.


Plastic eggs – Hopefully you have some already, I did.

Wool roving – I found it in small bags at Michael’s for $2.25. I used a 20% off coupon to pay under $2 each, but I bought a lot more than I needed. Family Fun estimates 1/8 oz will cover each egg.

Nylons – I bought a pair of knee-high hose at Rite Aid for $0.50 cents

Electrical tape – Hopefully you have some around, but if not, Lowes has it for as low as $0.97 a roll.

Optional – 100% Wool yarn. I didn’t use this, but I guess you can use it for more detailed work?


1.) Use electrical tape to seal the eggs.

2.) Pull the wool roving apart and wrap the wool around the egg. Trying to keep it pulled tightly. Wrap other colors around. It’s good to have some colors going perpendicular as they seem to stick better. Use enough to cover the eggs. If you have 100% wool yarn you can use it also – perhaps to do more detailed work. It ain’t pretty.

3.) Take a nylon legging and carefully put the egg inside the legging. Be careful that the wool roving doesn’t move around. I found the easiest way to do this is to hold the egg in your hand tightly to put in legging.

4.) If you are doing more than one egg, twist the nylon and separate eggs with twist ties. I tied the nylons and used rubberbands.

5.) Take your nylon full of wool eggs and throw it into washer – wash on hot. Then throw into dryer and dry on hot. This process shrinks the wool around the egg. They should be done!

6.) Cut open nylon and remove eggs!


I think if I had some light blues, pinks and lavenders they might look more “Easter-ish” but Michael’s was out of those colors when we went. I love the look of wool and I’m fascinated at the idea of felting things, but haven’t really explored it much.

I found this idea in the latest issue of Family Fun magazine! It was originally posted in April 2012 – but I wanted to share it again!

Have you worked with wool roving before? Do you have an Easter craft you want to share?

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  1. Those turned out nice! Very unique and would look great in a nest made of natural materials like wood, straw, etc… If I were rocking say a country motif I would make these.

  2. My mom and I love felting! We’ve done everything from hats, to purses, to placemats, to dog coats. And you’re right Heather…felting is not for the Type A :)

  3. Laura Clark says:

    Love it! I’m going to make those for sure.

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