Fred Meyer – DOUBLE Rewards points, March 27 – April 2

Start Sunday Fred Meyer will have a week of double Fred Meyer Rewards points! That means that for every $1 you spend between March 27 – April 2, you earn TWO rewards points instead of only one. Your rewards points dictate the kinds of coupons you receive in the mail. You need to spend at least $500 (or get 500 points) to get your Fred Meyer coupons/rewards info in the mail.

The great thing for us coupon shoppers? We earn points on the total BEFORE manufacturer coupons! So for example, your subtotal is $50 (scan your Rewards card), after manufacturer coupons you spend only $20. . .but you still earn 50 points (your pre-coupon total). This is because coupons are a form of payment (Fred Meyer will be reimbursed for your coupons). I like to use my FREE coupons at Fred Meyer for this reason – so if you have Franks Hot Sauce or Purina cat food coupons you might want to use them this week at Fred Meyer.

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