Free-range Florida chickens with charming coop

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This adorable chicken coop was sent in all the way from Brie in Florida!

Here’s what Brie has to say about her chicken coop:

We thought about building our own coop, but the cost was the same when we found an amazing engineer to build our coop for us. He did such a great job. It’s is beautiful and very high quality. Our chickens absolutely love it!
We currently have five (5) chickens. We had eight (8) until an unfortunate day when the neighbor’s dogs dug under our fence. :(  We are going to be getting three (3) more in the Spring. We were averaging 7 eggs a day when we had 8 chickens, but are down a little now.  This picture is us letting our girls out in the morning to enjoy their day!
Our biggest recommendation is to let your chickens free range! They are so happy to be able to get out and eat bugs and greens all day.  They happily go into their coop at night and we simply say goodnight and close them up until morning.
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