Goodwill and Value Village – 50% off January 21 only

Monday January 21 you can save 50% off a donated apparel at Tacoma-area Goodwill stores. Note – it’s apparel ONLY. Your local stores might be having a similar discount. Excludes special purchase items, online, blue items.

As a side note – Did you know that every Friday the Tacoma Goodwill Facebook page offers a 20% off coupon for $20 off or more? Just head to Tacoma Goodwill Facebook page and click on Facebook Friday.

Value Village is also doing a 50% off sale on January 21. The Value Village sale includes clothing, shoes, accessories and bed and bath items.

Will you going to either of these stores on Monday? I love thrift stores and I’d love to hear about any deals you find!

(Thanks, The Coupon Project!)


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  1. Melissa S. says:

    FYI- If you are in the Value Village Savers Club (apply for free online), you can shop their 50% off days a day early. It is still crowded but not as crazy as the normal 50% off day. We were able to get a bunch of brand name clothes for less than $50. I love Value Village!

  2. Does Olympia have this too?

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