Hallmark Coupon – $5 off $10 coupon, check out the digital magazine, plus my trip to my local Hallmark store


Hallmark Coupon – Save $5 off $10 Hallmark purchase

I adore Hallmark. It’s one of my favorite stores – especially this time of year when I’m looking for unique gifts and holiday decorations or wrapping. And to make it even better,  there is a new Hallmark Coupon valid for $5 off your $10 Hallmark purchase. Valid through December 24, 2013 it can be used at participating Hallmark Gold Crown stores in the USA. Limit one per customer. Coupon is valid for purchases of full-priced merchandise only.

Before I headed into my local Hallmark store, I scoped out some of their seasonal deals in the Hallmark Digital Magazine. You can see all the current promotions and bonus offers in one place – and they have a LOT of great promotions on holiday decorations and items this holiday season!


I noticed in the Hallmark Digital Magazine that they brought back one of my favorite promotions this year – Buy one Hallmark Holiday Roll Wrap, get one for only $1. This is an exceptional deal and I knew I wanted to check it out in the store.


So I headed to the my local Hallmark store. . . so many things I could use my coupon on. We love the Hallmark ornaments. They are a big tradition in our house – my husband picked out a Hallmark ornament EVERY year growing up – and we have them all on our family tree to this day. So many memories (many have the year on them) and it’s fun every holiday season to pull them all out of their Hallmark boxes again and hang them on the tree.


They have so many fun holiday decorations. Whimsical, classy, glittery, rustic – both my son and I had a lot of fun looking at all of the decorations at our local Hallmark store.


And if you’re looking for a place to pick up an Elf on the Shelf (or accessories) check your local Hallmark! Mine had a variety of dolls and even some fun Elf on the Shelf clothes and books to go with them!


And if you’re looking for a gift for a mom, sister, friend or wife – you gotta love the Willow Tree figures! My local store had lots in stock and Willow Tree is always putting out new figurines.


And I found a ton of University of Washington and Washington State gifts, along with Seahawks items! Lots of great gift ideas.


If you’re shopping for a Duck Dynasty fan, my local Hallmark had almost a half an aisle dedicated to Duck Dynasty gifts and gear.

As you can see Hallmark stores are so much more than cards (and you can’t beat the card selection!). I really think that if you’re looking for a gift it’s a great place to start – especially when you bring along your $5 off your $10 Hallmark purchase coupon.


It was hard to pick, but in the end, I ended up buying wrapping paper with my coupon. I bought two rolls at regular price, $7.99 each, for a total of $15.98. Plus I got two bonus rolls at $1 each. My total before coupon was $17.98, after coupon I paid $12.98 plus tax for four (4) rolls. And these aren’t just any rolls, look how it stacks up to a normal roll . . .


Um yeah, can you tell which ones I got at Hallmark? More than twice the square footage and almost twice as tall. Plus they have cute patterns to choose from like Snoopy, the Grinch Who Stole Christmas and more. I’m a happy camper and I’ll love wrapping up all those deals we scored these past few weeks!

So print out your $5 off your $10 Hallmark purchase coupon and check out the Hallmark Digital Magazine to scope out some of the deals you might find in the stores. I’d love to hear what you think you’ll use your coupon on!

Sponsored post. This is a sponsored post. I was compensated by Hallmark to share about their new $5 off $10 coupon – which I knew you would love anyway. All thoughts, photos, content and opinions are my own – would you expect anything else? 

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  1. Same thing happened to me. They would not let me use the coupon for wrap as it was a “special” already and could not be combined with the coupon :( The worst part was I left the coupon in the car. I went out to get it with my 2 year old and went all the way back in the mall to Hallmark and then they didn’t honor the coupon.102

  2. Brenda Smith says:

    I attempted to use my coupon for the gift wrap as you suggested because I bpught some of this wrap last year and it is awesome. However the cashiers would not allow me to use the coupon for the wrap because it excludes items on promotion. I also couldn’t use my coupon for the 2 ornaments I picked out for an ornament party because they were on bogo 50% promo. Kinda disappointed becau $5 off is a great deal :(

    • It’s interesting they wouldn’t let you use it on the full priced items that you’re buying. Even if they have “bonus” offers they are still regular priced. :( Sorry to hear that! My coupon scanned without issue and my cashier took it without issue.

  3. My husband also received an ornament (sometimes more than one) every year while growing up. And every year since. Plus, my daughter and I get one every year from his parents now too. We have continued the tradition with our family. I get a new ornament for each of us, but I usually buy them after Christmas and save them for the next year. We have so many fun and cute ornaments, but my favorites are the Hallmark ones that light up or play music or do something fun. Those and the Disney ornaments.

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