Saturday in the garden – Big ole zucchini, fava beans, cucumbers

I just got back last night from five days in Phoenix, Arizona where I was taking care of my grandma, who is recovering from a nasty infection that landed her in the hospital. My hubby was left holding down the fort and nursing the garden while I was gone – and he did an awesome job! He even harvested zucchinis while I was gone and made the kids zucchini bread! What a guy, huh?

I was eager to get out and check things out in the garden as soon as I got back. I was shocked to see a zucchini hiding under a big leaf – it was HUGE! My husband’s jaw dropped when I carried it in and said, “how did I miss that one!?!” So I’m sure it popped up overnight (wink, wink).

I also picked some cucumbers, which are coming along beautifully.

And my English cucumbers are growing in all sorts of strange shapes! Look at that curly one. . . looks like a big caterpillar!

Our fava bean pods are getting big and I’m wondering when these will be ready to harvest. I’m thinking another week or so? I’ll have to check with my husband’s grandma who is the resident fava bean expert.

My tomato plants are all falling over. They look like a big mess. But I’m hoping those tomatoes start to turn red soon. I guess the kids were able to harvest (and eat) two red tomatoes this week while I was gone.

My green pepper continues to do great and it has friends now – with a few of the plants producing mini peppers right now. Very exciting.

My pumpkin plant is growing so FAST and it’s really spreading out. Can’t wait to harvest pumpkins this fall!

I guess I need to start thinking about planting some root vegetables so I can harvest in the fall. What would you recommend planting for a fall harvest?

If you’re just now joining my gardening journey, I’m learning as I go grow and sharing along the way:

The garden is part of our quest to be more self-sufficient this year. We also recently got chickens! See our chicken journey here.

How’s your garden doing? 

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  1. I so enjoy reading about your garden adventures. I have been pondering starting a garden for two summers now, however have not been brave enough to take the journey. It has been helpful to read your adventures and next summer I am definately going to be starting my own garden. It will be interesting to see what you choose to plant for your fall harvest!

  2. Very nice, Heather!

    Might I recommend garlic? It’s pretty ridiculously easy to grow and hard to screw up. Plant in fall for a summer harvest. In addition to that, I’ll also be continuing to grow some dark leafy greens (kale, collards, chard), plus add in some lettuces and bok choy. I also plan on doing parsnips and beets. I have also been growing onions for fall storage along with dry shelling beans which we can enjoy in winter stews and soups. My friend Susan insists some herbs in her garden were winter hardy, so I’ll be leaving some sage and oregano out and see what happens!

    Good luck!

  3. Beets… they are so good!!!!

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