Saturday in the Garden – More tomatoes, all the baby chickens are laying!


Things are really winding down in our backyard. The grass is hibernating (dead and yellow), the raised beds are empty with the occasional weed or lettuce gone to seed. We didn’t plant pumpkins this year (see ours last year) and I’m regretting it badly now (I just never got around to it).

BUT this morning my sweet girl and I harvested nearly 2.5 pounds of cherry tomatoes. They are every size possible, down to the itsy bitsy. My kids will eat this raw all day long, so instead of doing another batch of roasted marinara sauce, I think we’ll just enjoy these raw in salads and as snacks.


I find it slightly magical the way cherry tomatoes so naturally cascade in a rainbow.


And although all my plants have fallen over and they are on the ground, they still seem to be thriving – by the grace of something other greater than myself, since I haven’t been paying them much attention. Lots of green ones left, so we’ll have another couple weeks of harvests, I think.


We probably picked 2.5 pounds after you figure all the ones we ate while picking.


AND we are now getting TWO green eggs a day (for a total of 6-7 a day) so now we know all our baby chickens are now laying! So excited. Aren’t they glorious? We got these babies back in March, you can read more about there here.

So that’s what’s happening in my backyard. Humor me and tell me what’s happening in yours. . . . 


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  1. Heather, I fed all my bloomed out lettuce to the chickens and goats, and they love it.
    We’ve got lots of cherry tomatoes, so I’ll be making the magic spaghetti dish this week.
    I’ve one black tomato called India rose, lots of small ones, but nothing ripe.
    Green beans are just coming on, so dilly beans are in my future.
    Pulled the onions and garlic up, and cabbage is doing well.
    Oh and the fridge is full of zucchini waiting to be shredded and froze

  2. Lorelei Plagman says:

    All I planted this year was 3 tomato plants and 3 hills of pumpkins knowing I would be gone and busy a lot this summer. Tried a new tomato (for me) that is “black”. Haven’t gotten very good results; only a few tomatoes and they all are split or blemished. Have yet to try eating one. My pumpkin plants have gone mad and taken over more than their share of the yard. Only about 4 pumpkins growing for all those vines compared to last year when I had probably 15. Oh, and there was one pumpkin start I got from a neighbor friend that turned out to be a zucchini!

  3. I just cannot get over how ADORABLE your daughter is!! SOOO Cute!!

  4. Our green/yellow beans are winding down. There have been a couple of 4-point bucks coming through and they broke through the fence and chowed down on the beans and tops of the tomatoes. The beans were just about done anyways.
    Our first planting of corn is ready. Picked a dozen yesterday and a dozen today. Really need top pick some to freeze.
    Getting a couple zucchini and a few pattypans daily. LOTS of tomatoes, too! We planted yellow pear, champion and a random (that is producing the best)
    Peas are flowering and rhutabagas are doing great! Potato plants are just starting to die down. Potatoes soon?
    We have a LARGE portion of the garden devoted to pumpkins- jack-o-lantern and jack-be-little! Some ghourds and various other winter squash that is all doing wonderful.
    Overall our garden did better this year than it has in a long time!! The only thing that didn’t do so well is the rainbow carrots! There are a few but not as many as usual.
    ALL 3 of our “girls” are laying an egg daily. They all started laying within a day of each other- which I thought was pretty good since they are 3 different varieties :) They all lay in the same box at the same time each day. By 11 am they have all laid their egg.

  5. We gots tons of zucchini this year and 2 lone ears of corn. The pumpkins are taking over our yard though. Kind of disappointed we usually get tons of tomatoes. For some reason this year they only want to stay green. We have been waiting 2 weeks for ripe tomatoes. We attempted peas but have no clue on to why those never took off.
    I tried your stuffed zucchini recipe and let me just say yum. This will go in our recipe folder for future use.

    • I have no idea why my tomatoes are doing so well. Perhaps because i haven’t paid them any attention and i’ve barely watered them.
      Excited to hear you have pumpkins – I so wish we would have planted some this year.

      Glad you liked the stuffed zucchini recipe, it’s one of our favorites.

  6. Desiree Thomson says:

    Hi Heather,
    I finally have one raised bed in my backyard. It has taken a few years to get this one underway! Planted last Monday & am proud to annouce that vegies are popping up. I hope this is the beginning of something grand :)
    Thanks for the inspiration you’ve provided me.
    Desiree T.

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