Saturday in the Garden – Our baby chickens are finally laying eggs! Onions almost ready


This week was an exciting week in the chicken coop because we started getting eggs from at least TWO of our baby chickens. Sweet little Dora, our Leghorn laid her first egg and one of our Barred Rock laid on egg. We know because Dora’s eggs are white and she’s the only chicken that lays white eggs in our flock. The small brown egg must be from a Barred Rock because the Ameraucana will lay green or blue eggs – so they are still holding out.

Our chickens are just turning 21 weeks today. That’s pretty standard for when chickens start laying, although it depends on the breed. Pretty soon all six babies will be laying!

Looking at the photo above, you can see the size difference. The egg to the far left is from one of our second year chickens – meaning they just started laying last year. They are a typical “large” egg style that you’d find in the grocery store.


You can see how much smaller the yokes are in this photo. The eggs, and yokes, will get bigger, as the hens grow. And in case you’re wondering there are extra egg whites in this photo, it’s not just two eggs. Notice how bright yellow the yolks are. This is standard for backyard, free range chickens. I should take a photo and compare it to a store bought egg – you’d be shocked the difference in color – all because of the freshness!


After sending Apple (our Rooster) and two other chickens to our friend’s farm, here’s what we currently have in the flock, 8 chickens:

I don’t know why we haven’t named our Barred Rocks yet. What do you think we should name them?


As for the garden, I’m letting my sweet Walla Walla onions dry out, like many of you suggested last week. I can’t believe I grew onions. :) Wonder what they taste like!


My tomato plant is large and in charge. It’s completely overgrown and under watered. But the tomatoes seem to be growing and turning red – no thanks to my attention or love.


Yummmm. . .how are your tomatoes doing this year? Seems like they are turning red earlier than last year, but I can’t be certain without checking. Do you recall?


This would be two tomato plants. It’s one big mess. Do you think less of me now that you know I’m a horrible tomato mom? Hope not. :)


We did a LOT of work cleaning up the back area of the yard where the kid’s stuff hangs out. We sprayed down the Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage and used a rake and leaf blower to clean up the pine cones and needles that drop back in that area. We trimmed some of the bushes and returned all the big rocks to their spot (what is it with 6-year-old boys and rocks?). We picked up all the toys that were spread across the yard and I predict they’ll be “cleaned up” for about 24 hours before they put back into good use.  Even if it’s short lived, I’m glad to have it cleaned up.


One of the highlights in our mail this week was the latest copy of Hobby Farm Home magazine. If you’re at all into gardening, urban farming, chickens, canning, recipes – this magazine is great. In fact, I like it so much I asked Discount Mags for an exclusive discount for you – and so this weekend only you can get it for $7.50/year with coupon code QUEENBEE at checkout. You can order up to one year at this price and his offer expires at Sunday 07/28/13 11:59 p.m. EST. You can find it here: Hobby Farm Home magazine

So that’s what’s happening in my backyard. Humor me and tell me what’s happening in yours. . . . 

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  1. That is so exciting, can you send some of that egg layin’ ju-ju my way please? :)

  2. I was going to suggest some names for your black and whites, but Eunice commented that Knit and Purl would be good names because they look knitted. I can’t top that suggestion! Another vote for Knit and Purl!! Thanks so much for the subscription. I’d never even heard of this magazine. Your tomatoes look great! That’s what they look like when they’re happy left alone. Tomatoes are only on vines because we put them there to make them easier to harvest. But there’s nothing wrong with your method, at all. I found your site because I was looking for a worm composter video. And who better to elucidate the finer points of worm composting than a little boy. They love worms and frogs! That was super fun to watch. Thank you for your lovely site!

  3. Got the subscription – thanks for the discount!

  4. The black and whites look knitted! Call them knit and purl. Or salt and pepper.

  5. Sorry! I should have proofread!! A few spelling mistakes! :)

  6. Our garden is doing really great this year,too! I picked green and yellow beans earlier in the week and canned 8 jars of Dilly Beans. It’s the first time for canning anything other than jellys, jams and fruit. I decided after reading everyones encouraging posts to give it a try. I am picking beans daily. Freezing some and eating fresh. We planted 2 weeks apart for 6 weeks to keep them coming. They seem to be catching up! LOTS of beans!!
    we also have picked 4 red tomatoes- which is definitely early for us!! We planted early and at first they were slow, but have made up in the lsat month.
    Always lots of lettuce. I plant the mesculin leaf. Just planted a new row last week.
    There are small zucchini and patty pans. Will ahve to keep an eye on them so they don’t get overgrown. Corn is over 5″ tall and the first plantings are tassled! Pumpkin and gourds are growing.
    We palnted a crop of rhutabagas and peapods for fall. A MOLE has decided to take out one whole row of just sprouted peas! GRRRR!!!
    My “girls” are 17 weeks old. I look daily for eggs- nothing yet! Probably not for 2-3 more weeks?? We only have 3 – a barred rock, a leghorn and a black sex link. ALL ADORABLE!!!!!! :)

  7. My chickens are 17 weeks and I’m anxiously awaiting our first eggs! I’ve had them since they were 2 days old and it feels like I’ve had them forever! They need to start earning their keep around here. Also, your tomatoes are red much earlier than last year. It was September before I had ripe ones last year.

  8. How do your kids like the playhouse? I saw it the other day when you blogged about it and it looks cute and affordable. Some reviewers said it was too small or too flimsy.

    I haven’t read your disclosure policy. Do you get a small commission for the product if I buy it by clicking your link? I am so grateful for learning how to coupon and shop frugally through Queen Bee and I’d like to support your site.

    • My kids have used the playhouse for a couple years and they love it. My six-year-old is getting a bit big for it, but they still play with it endlessly. I like that it sprays off easily and seems sturdy (I’ve caught my son up on the roof on more than one occasion.

      I do make a small commission when you buy something from Amazon – in fact anytime you shop Amazon, if you click through one of our Amazon links (any link) and you do shopping, we get a small commission. We are grateful when people shop through our links because it supports my family and the families of the gals who work with me – and it helps us provide the site for free. :)

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