Saturday in the Garden – Our first green egg from our Ameraucana chicken


Today’s Saturday in the Garden is short and sweet. My lettuce has gone to seed, I picked a bunch of tomatoes and made Roasted Marinara Sauce and the chickens are all doing marvelously.

The most exciting news from the yard this week – happened this morning, when the kids and I went out to check the eggs. We found our first GREEN egg! Wahoo. I’m so proud of it, you would have think I laid it myself. This gem of an egg came from one of our Ameraucana chickens – which lay either blue or green eggs.  I think all but one of the baby chicks that we got back in March are now laying. We are still waiting on the other Ameraucana.

The white eggs are from our Leghorn. And we still have a Barred Rock that is laying next to the waterer, not sure what’s up with that. My daughter was telling the Barred Rocks this morning (in a rather mothering way) – “you gotta put your egg upstairs, k?!”  By upstairs she means the nesting boxes in the hen house. If it was only that easy. We’ll see if they get it figured out.

I will tell you – getting eggs from the coop never seems to get old. We’ve had chickens now for about 13 months and every single day feels like a blessing. I’m serious! We love our chickens and the eggs that they lay for us – and no matter how many times we open the nesting box, it still feels like opening a present on Christmas.


This is one of our Ameraucanas. I’m not sure which one is laying, but I’m betting the other one isn’t far behind.

So that’s what’s happening in my backyard. Humor me and tell me what’s happening in yours. . . . 

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  1. I’m not sure if this actually works, but supposedly you can put food coloring around the vents to determine which chicken is laying. You can also feel the bones below the vent. If it is less than 2 fingers across, she isn’t laying

  2. Nicole Flory says:

    How cool! I didn’t know there were different colors of eggs besides white and brown! Amazing. I soooo wish that we could have chickens but between the city laws and my HOA I don’t think it will happen. My lettuce has gone to seed too but my sugar pumpkins are doing well. I am excited to use fresh, homegrown pumpkins for my pies this year!

  3. Exciting news here, too! We got our first egg EVER (from our White Leghorn) It really is like Christmas morning when you see those eggs! :)
    My DH and youngest GD picked 18 ! lb. of green beans and a few payytpan and zucchini this morning. I need to freeze or make Dilly Beans.

    • Susan, Congratulations! I’m excited for you. The first egg ever is an amazing treasure isn’t it! I wanted to frame ours. LOL. And wow 18 pounds of green beans – that’s a LOT. Sounds delish.

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