December 7, 2009

Target Price Match – TRIO King’s Castle as low as $9.99!


UPDATE 11:22 a.m.– I originally posted you could get this for $14.99, but I found a $10 manufacturer peelie on the product for $10 off your Trio purchase (instead of using the $5 printable coupon), so I actually only ended up paying $9.99! The Target manager was amazed because they were selling it for $79.99, so this is a huge savings! I was so excited, can you tell!?

This HOT toy this year can be scored for SUPER cheap by price matching at Target, using a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon – you can get it for only $9.99, instead of $79.99, which is what Target is selling it for this week!

Price match the Fisher-Price 214-px Trio King’s Castle deluxe building set for $29.99 at Target, using the KMart ad from 12/6 Sunday newspaper (an incredible price to begin with!)
Use $10/1 manufacturer peelie coupon – give to cashier first
Use $10 Target coupon from Target Web site, select “toys” in the left-hand menu to find it quickly
Pay only $9.99 plus tax, if applicable.

Can’t find the peelie on the Trio King’s Castle? Look at other Trio products in the area for the peelie – it’s off any Trio purchase of $24.99 or more, so you can use it on the castle. Give it to the cashier first, before the $10 Target coupon. It looks like this:


Still can’t find the $10 peelie coupon?
Print this  $5 Fisher Price coupon
Pay only $14.99 plus tax, if applicable! Still an awesome deal!

Price matching is really easy – just bring in the actual KMart ad (cannot be copy or printed copy), just show it to the cashier when they get to the item and they will manually price adjust the item. 🙂

This toy was priced $79.99  at my Target and $49.99 at!

I have a 2-year-old and although he’s still a little young for this, I bought it and will stash it away for a birthday or a rainy day down the road.


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  1. I did this twice at 2 two different Targets. The one around the corner had 1 left but had 5 other $10 coupons on others. So I took 1 other $10 off and went to another Target. I printed off another Target $10 off as well. I had no problem. I even did the 5 Raovac batteries $1 off deal and the 4 Organic Free Teas deal and paid only $11.25. What a deal!!!

  2. Hmm….I can’t seem to see this toy on the kmart ad for week of 12/6-12/12/09. Is the sunday kmart ad separate from the weekly ad ? I sure would love to get this toy for $9.99!

  3. OMG, my target will not let me because their store does not have the 214 pc they have the 213 pc so they said NO.

  4. I did this deal this afternoon with the pealy coupon taking the proce down to $9.99. The supervisor called the Manager over to approve the deal because she thought there was somthing up with it. The manager confirmed that there were no violations to the policy and approved the deal. This was so much fun I am going to try and get another one for toys for tots.

    • Hi Carrie,

      So glad that the deal worked for you! The manager had to come and approve mine too. I guess there is a manager over-ride needed for any price adjustment more than $20. I would have bought more than one but there was only one between both stores in our community. 🙂

      Wahoo! I love a great deal.

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