1. Heather, I am also wondering, who do you use to get football in the winter?? Most companies want a long contract. We use Netflix and really like it, although it is frustrating when shows you want to watch are only available with the disc service which is separate from streaming content; wish they were combined.
    Thanks for all the bargains you send our way! Happy Holidays!

  2. heather what company do you subscribe to during the winter months for football?

    • We use Comcast. It’s all we have available in our area unless we want to look into other cable companies that might use satellite or require contracts.

  3. We hate the bundle we got suckered into and plan to cancel as soon as the contract is up and try Netflix. If you go through swagbucks you can snag 1300 points too!

  4. I have Netflix, and I also subscribed to Hulu Plus for $8/mo (plus tax). It’s great – no cable bill, and I still get all the movies I want & tons of TV shows (currently I’m watching all the seasons of Doctor Who!). And w/Hulu Plus, I can watch most of the current shows I like, just 1 day after they air. For my crazy schedule, it’s the best. Plus, between the two, it’s only close to $18 after taxes!

  5. We have had Netfilx for almost 2 years. I love it! No cable! We can watch a wide variety of shows and no commercials. We watch less tv now. Anything we can’t find on Netfix, we can watch on our computer hooked up to the tv.

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