We have a double yolker! And other chicken ramblings


Double yolker egg – can you spot it?

I’ve been bad about providing chicken updates this past month. You can bet that no update means everything is going just fine. Egg-cellent, some might say. Nothing fowl around here.

This week we got a double yolker! That’s right, my sweet girl came into the house with eyes as big as silver dollars, holding an egg about 2-3 times the size of the egg in her other hand. “Momma, it’s the biggest egg I’ve ever seen!” And it was.


And sure enough. We cracked that egg to find two yolks inside. Guess double-yolkers are more likely to occur when you have new chickens laying eggs – and it’s a little hiccup in the system. I feel bad for the poor girl who had to push this out! I imagine it’s a little like having a 13 pound baby when you’re hoping for a 6-8 pounder. But what do I know.

As couponers – we have to appreciation the TWO FOR ONE deal, right?  ;)

double-yolker-double-yolkAnyone else see Cookie Monster’s face in that pan? Maybe I’m watching too much Sesame Street.

Not wanting to be wasteful, I tossed that double yolker into a frying pan. But it cooked up weird. One side was incredibly runny and the other side cloudy. And although it probably would have been absolutely fine to eat, I tossed it. Anyone eat a double yolker before? I bet it’s safe to eat a double yolker, but I didn’t really want to find out the hard way.


I’m guessing this egg come from one of our Barred Rocks. I know this because it was a brown egg and from one of the new chickens. Our Barred Rocks are the only “baby” chickens laying brown eggs right now.


This is the latest photos of one our Ameraucanas. Isn’t her coloring gorgeous? She lays greenish blue eggs.


Amelia, a Light Brahma, I always think of her as the grandma of the group. She’s definitely one of the biggest. Don’t you think she looks a little like a mother hen or grandma?


Amelia is notorious for being the first to raid my garden. She is always on the hunt for the good stuff and I think she believes it’s her personal responsibility to eat every red and ripe cherry tomato that she finds.


This is Girly, a Partridge Cochin, my son’s favorite chicken. She is a downright diva. She squawks every she has to lay an egg and she is the one most likely to go broody on us (meaning she sits in the nesting box for days trying to hatch the eggs).


It doesn’t matter what breed they are, or what colors eggs they lay, ALL our chickens adore my husband. He walks outside and you could say they flock to him. He’s the poultry king in their eyes. Or the chicken whisperer. Or the person who feeds them the most often. I don’t know. But if they all weren’t cover in feathers, I might be a wee-bit jealous. :) At least they have good taste.

Chicken-foot-printsChicken footprints on the deck after walking in the dew-covered grass. 

Life with chickens is good. So good that I dream of a owning a mini farm with more space where I can have more chickens. . .and maybe some goats. . .and some bees. And a greenhouse. And life in the backyard would just be more of these delightfully simple things. We’ll see what the future holds, but we have to save a lot of pennies (and clip a lot of coupons) before that will happen. Until then I’m still appreciating this little piece of bliss that we have.

What’s happening in your backyard this week? If you have chickens, how are they doing? 

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  1. I love double yolkers since the yolk is my favorite part of the egg. I’ve always felt that second yolk was a blessing. I’ve got to watch for my girls to lay another one so I can hard boil it. I’m sure my kids would love to see that.

  2. Deanna Miller says:

    Our chickens from last year are molting right now, so we get very few eggs. I also think that they may have found some new nesting areas in our forested yard since they got to be pasture fed on a full time basis recently.

  3. I’ve raised six my chickens from 3 days old in March and we finally have 3 layers but one of my girls is broody already. She’s only been laying a few weeks and she isn’t as bad as some I’ve read about, but I hope she snaps out of it soon. She gave us a double yolker once too. I scrambled it into fried rice! I love your chicken posts!

  4. Celia Husmann says:

    So cute, the chicken whisperer, lol. You take wonderful pictures!!!

  5. One of my girls lays a double yolk about once a week. Not sure if it is my barred rock or black sex link. We eat them- over easy! :)
    I give eggs to my youngest daughter and she said there have been quite a few double yolks.
    Funny you should mention it, but my girls LOVE my DH, too! If we are both outside they stick to him like glue. If you sit down, they will jump in your lap.
    This is our first time with chickens. We only have 3 – hoping to get 2 more in the spring. All are laying an egg every day right now.

  6. My girls who are 10 and 12 love to go see grandpa because when he makes breakfast he has magic eggs. He will buy double yolkers from the grocery store unbeknownst to them and say a few magical words and the egg has two yolks. I love that still at their age they still believe in a bit of grandpa magic. Also if you can buy them at a grocery store they can’t be too bad to eat.

  7. Double yolks ARE fine to eat. They taste just the same. Growing up in WI with chickens we got LOTS of them. A lot of people like them best (maybe because it is 2 eggs in one). Just cook them like any other egg. It is really cool if you hard boil eggs to do a double yolk one. For recipe purposes treat it like 2 med or sm eggs. Have fun!

    • Thanks for the recipe conversion! I should have eaten it. Now I feel bad that I threw it away! I’ll make sure we eat it next time. Growing up in WI with lots of chickens sounds like fun. :)

  8. I love double yolker’s in eggs!!! They are fine to eat, I beat them in a bowl first and then do scrambled eggs :)

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