What’s a good price on ham? Best prices on ham this week, April 8


Best ham prices

Here’s a round up of this week’s best ham prices as of April 8, 2014. Spiral hams are normally the most expensive type, but $1.99/lb or less is a great price! Ham can be a funny thing to price-compare because unlike turkey (which is really just frozen/fresh), with hams you have different cuts, styles and with/without bones. You have to decide for yourself what your favorite kind is. Spiral hams are usually the fan favorite and the easiest to cook – you can even do this Spiral Ham with pineapple in your crockpot!

Albertsons thru 4/15

Hills Smoked Butt Portion Ham – $1.69/lb.

Kruse Whole Ham – $1.79/lb.

Hormel Cure 81 Smoked Spiral Ham – $2.49/lb.



Kirkland Signature Spiral Sliced Ham – $2.39/lb

Fred Meyer thru 4/19

Cook’s Shank Portion Ham, per lb  – $1.49

F.G. Meyer Flame Crafted Bone-In Spiral Ham  – Save $10
(Limit 2; Fred Meyer In-Ad coupon) – Expires 04/19/2014

Grocery Outlet thru 4/15

Sugar Tree Spiral Sliced Ham – $1.49/lb. Bone In

QFC thru 4/15

Cook’s Portion Ham – $0.99/lb. Limit 2, Bone In.

Hormel Cure 81 Spiral Sliced Half, per lb  – $1.88 Bone In

Safeway thru 4/15

Safeway Smoked Shank Half Ham – $1.29/lb. Bone In. Limit 1. While Supplies Last.

Safeway Smoked Rump Half Ham – $1.49/lb. Bone In. Limit 1. While Supplies Last.

Safeway Spiral Sliced Half Ham - $1.99/lb. Bone In. While Supplies Last.

TOP Foods thru 4/15
All Hempler’s Hams are from Ferndale, Wa.

Cook’s Spiral Cut Ham – $1.97/lb. Hickory, Brown Sugar or Honey, Limit 1.

Hempler’s Black Forrest Half Ham – $2.99/lb. 4-lb. Ham sold for $11.96 each.

Hempler’s Gourmet Half Ham – $3.79/lb. Bone In

Hempler’s Spiral Half Ham – $3.99/lb Bone In

Haggen Belling’Ham – $4.99/lb. Made with local organic honey. Also from Hempler’s.

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