Whole Foods coming to Olympia, Washington in 2013? Fact or fiction? Do you know?

Is a Whole Foods coming to Olympia, Washington? I want to know! Do you know? I am hearing a RUMOR that Whole Foods is coming to West Olympia, Washington – in the same shopping complex as Staples and World Market.  I cannot find any information online about it – it truly is a rumor! I sent them a Tweet, but I doubt they’d spill the beans to me.

I am hoping this rumor is true. Do any of you know the inside scoop? I would be so giddy if we had a local Whole Foods – the closest Whole Foods is Seattle, Washington. IF we get a Whole Foods, I think I could do match-ups for  them (gasp!) and they have some great deals.

Do you have a Whole Foods in your neck of the woods? What are your favorite deals to get at Whole Foods?

p.s. As I stated above, I can’t confirm this. It’s truly grocery store gossip. Don’t hold your breath or blame me if it’s not accurate. But I’m hoping it is!

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  1. Robert, I believe you are talking about World Market, totally different. It is still there.

  2. I hope you all will forgive my ignorance if needs be! I was in Olympia in 2006-07, and it strikes me that there was a Whole Foods Market near a Staples or Office Depot/Max. I remember because the prices were high, and so I kinda nibbled around the store looking for a few items I could afford. Please correct if I am wrong about this, but I’m pretty sure this was not Trader Joes. I have no personal opinion about Whole Foods if you can afford to shop there, but it strikes me that Trader Joes is about 10 times more interesting to visit!

  3. Its in the cooper pt plaza, sorry im typing on my phone!

  4. I dint know if a whole foods is going in but I do know a small Walmart Neighborhood Market is I just saw it on the computer at my walmart where they post management openings the address listed is in that cooper pt.

    I remembered this post as soon as I saw it!

  5. Whole Food would be a disaster for the Food Coop, which buys more local produce than any other entity in the State of WA. Although the Coop may not be the snappiest or most aesthetic shopping experience, their prices on comparable natural food items are indeed lower than any other grocery in town (except Fred Meyer). It even undersells Costco on many items (esp if you consider the joining fee for Costco). And where it doesn’t undersell, it is actually carrying a different product (surprise — all organic milk is not created equal, some is shipped powdered from New Zealand and reconstituted before sale. The Coop won’t sell you that kind.)

    So, shop at Whole Foods. Your experience may be shiny and beautiful, but your purse will be lighter for it.

  6. Whole foods and Nordstrom rack will be in the the old navy shopping center.

    • Really, really, really? Do you know for certain Don?

      • I checked again with Staples today and was told that Whole Foods backed out of the lease (it had been in escrow) due to market studies showing the area couldn’t hold both Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. :(

  7. I heard another grocery store wasn’t going to be allowed in there since there are already 3 close by.

    • Local Food Guy says:

      While I enjoy the atmosphere in Whole Foods’ Markets, it would be a devastating blow to some of the existing grocers. Olympia doesn’t seem big enough to have 7+ groceries on the west-side alone.

  8. Staples is moving into the Old Navy building…that has been checked with one of the managers at Staples. That’s about all that has been confirmed about the changes happening to that plaza. :)

  9. I heard that the former Old Navy store site (between Staples and World Market) is going to be a Nordstrom Rack. Rumor? I don’t know.

  10. I work in real estate and our commercial real estate dept confirmed its going into the Old Navy building on the Westside. Of course no deal is complete until it closes escrow but sounds very solid!!

  11. My uncle who works at a local Whole Foods in WA says that he doesn’t expect a Whole Foods to be going in Olympia within the next couple of years. Sorry!

  12. There’s a Whole Foods near me in Vancouver, Wash. It’s a super-nice store; a great place to shop if you’ve got food allergies or sensitivities. However, their produce is much too expensive ($2 for a bunch of cilantro? I don’t think so!). My daughter loves their chocolate vegan desserts, which are baked in-house.

  13. Celia Husmann says:

    Honestly, I really hope Whole Foods doesn’t move here. Their business practices are horrible. I have met SO many farmers out here that had a contract with Whole Foods. Whole Foods asked them to expand, they had a CONTRACT. After 1-2 weeks of carrying their product, they said they’d rather get the product out of country because it’s cheaper.

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