*Still available in Washington!* Zaycon chicken sale $1.79/lb for boneless, skinless chicken breasts

They still have chicken available in Washington!

If you’re looking for a good deal on boneless, skineless chicken breasts – the Zaycon Foods chicken sale is thew ay to go!  It’s going for $1.79/lb this time around and it awesome quality chicken.

Have you heard of Zaycon Foods? If you eat a lot of chicken breasts, you’ll want to know about it! They are a Northwest-based company that that offers premium chicken boneless, skinless chicken breasts at an incredible price. I did a review nearly two years ago and I LOVED it and so did my readers who also tried it. Zaycon Foods, an Eastern Washington business, doesn’t source it’s products to any stores, but rather they sell directly to consumers like you and me, which means they can charge less.

They sell boneless, skinless chicken breasts for only $1.79/lb (sold in 40 pound case for $71.60)! It’s 100% natural no hormones, no antibiotics, and no additives or fillers of any kind! And from my experience, it’s very good quality. If 40 pounds is too much for your family - consider sharing a box with a friend or neighbor. The chicken comes in 10 pound bags (within a big box) – so it’s easy to split with others.

I recommend registering with Zaycon Foods if you haven’t done so yet. It’s FREE to create an account and you can see all the upcoming events and sales. I’ve been a Zaycon customer now for two years now – and I have always had the best experiences. You can read my original Zaycon review here - the chicken is awesome and I ordered bacon last time, too, and it did not disappoint!  Also read my post on how to prepare for your Zaycon chicken here.

If you have ordered from Zaycon before – leave a comment to others can hear first hand what to expect!

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  1. I heard about Zaycon from a friend and decided to give them a try last year. With a family of 5, everything about this sounded perfect (price, amount, etc.)
    I purchased the chicken, which at the time, was about $1.69/lb. They give you a precise date, location and time window to pickup. Before I even tasted the chicken I was blown away by their super-structured, very well-organized pick up procedure. I didn’t even have to get out of my van! I was ushered through the line, asked my name, popped my tailgate, and the boxes were loaded for me. Off I went, one very happy camper. When I got home, I realized it was packaged in a cardboard-like box, so I was a little concerned. But, no worries…inside the box, the chicken was separated into 10lb portions in very heavy duty bags. Cutting into the bags, you’ll see that the breasts are HUGE, split, but still connected. I packaged 4/bag to freeze (we eat a lot and love leftovers). This lasted us quite a few months. The price is right, pickup is convenient and product is delicious. I will definitely be ordering again.

  2. I briefly heard about this last year, but didn’t have enough information. This year, I’m just not prepared! (ugh). How often do they do these sales? Is it just once a year? Thank you!

    • Sales are probably about 3x to 4x a year. This sale doesn’t deliver until April – but you order now. Next sale will probably July or August? I’m guessing.

      • Heather – thank you! I can plan for a fall delivery. We have a small freezer and I would want to do some planning around shredding some chicken and maybe grounding some (I have never done that)… again. Thanks!

  3. Janee Sommerfeld says:

    I ordered last time they were in the area. I felt it was such a great purchase for the price. I am big on stocking up, and just ordered this again.

    I came home and using my food saver, vacuumed breasts 2 at a time and froze them. It took about 2 hours, cutting off excess fat (there wasn’t much) and separating the breast.
    The chicken breasts were a little bigger then I would have liked. For my family 1 breast was too big for an adult, but to small for 2 adults. But again, it is worth it for my family. 2 breasts weighed approximately 2 lbs uncooked, give or take.
    It took up one shelf in my standalone freezer. At this time we have gone through about half the chicken.
    This time around I plan on grinding half to 2/3 of the chicken. I purchase so much ground turkey meat.. and it gets expensive! My plan is to package the ground chicken in 1/2 lb and 1 lb quantities.

  4. I ordered last year for the first time and will definitely be ordering again! I was amazed at the size – not your skinny pickin’s. One breast easily makes two meals. The flavor was fantastic. I also liked how simple it was to get my order – they are so organized! Ms. QB isn’t fibbing!

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