April 23, 2016

Amazon Prime Pantry – Details and Promotions

Amazon Prime Pantry

Amazon Prime Pantry

Have you used Amazon Prime Pantry yet?  Prime Pantry is a service offered by Amazon that provides a whole box full of household goods and food to Amazon Prime members for a flat rate shipping fee. Unlike Subscribe and Save orders (which we also love), you don’t have to buy things in bulk or sign up for a recurring subscription.  You can buy a single box of cereal or bottle of shampoo if you want.

One of our contributors, Annaliese, recently tried it out as she was moving to a new house several hours away and wanted a few essentials there when she arrived.  She said it was the perfect way to have things like toilet paper, garbage bags, paper towels, dish soap, laundry detergent and even a few snacks for her kids waiting on the doorstep when they arrived at the house.  No need to make an immediate run to the store.

Do I need to have an Amazon Prime Membership to use Prime Pantry?

Yes, Prime Pantry is currently only for Amazon Prime Members.  If you aren’t currently a member you can sign up for a 30-day FREE trial of Amazon Prime and get all the perks of an Amazon Prime Member, including Prime Pantry.  After the 30-day trial a Prime Membership is $99 per year and you can opt to cancel at anytime.

How much is Shipping?

The shipping fee is $5.99, but there are often promotions that will give you FREE Shipping – right now when you buy 5 select products and use code PANTRYAPR at checkout, shipping will be FREE.

How many items can I fit in a box?

The number of items you can add to your box depends on the size and weight of the item – larger or heavier items count for a larger percentage of space.  With each item you add to your box, you will be shown what percentage of your box is full.  You do not have to fill the box 100% before it ships, but the shipping fee is always the same.

How do I get the best deals on Pantry items?

Pantry has some great promotions and coupons on various items.  Right now to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Prime Pantry, select items are 20% off.  And select items qualify for an additional percentage off with Spring Savings Deal.  We also love the Prime Pantry coupons. Coupons are often connected to brands – so you can have multiple coupons for different brands in your order, but if you order multiples of the same item or different items from the same brand, the coupon will likely only be discounted once.

Ready to give Amazon Prime Pantry a try? We’ve put together a list of some of the BEST deals on Amazon Pantry to help you fill your box at the lowest cost.  Let us know what you think!

Fill your Amazon Prime Pantry Box here

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