May 21, 2011

Bee-ginners – Albertsons store guide (how to use doublers)

Albertsons is one of the most coupon-friendly stores (especially here in the Pacific Northwest).  You can regularly get items for FREE or for pennies if you understand the ins and outs of all Albertsons promotions and their coupon policy. This store guide is designed to give you an overview of how to shop at Albertsons – including the Albertsons coupon policy and a detailed explanation of their Twice the Value or “doubler” coupons.

Albertsons sales run from Wednesday thru Tuesday. The ads generally come in the mail on Tuesday or Wednesday (if you live in the delivery area) or you can always get an ad at your local store’s customer service counter or on the Albertsons website.

All sales prices are only good for those people who use a Preferred Savings Card. It’s FREE to sign up for the card (you can sign up at your local store) and the sale prices automatically adjust when you swipe your Preferred Savings Card at checkout.

Albertsons general coupon policy is very similar to other grocery stores. If you shop Albertsons regularly, I recommend printing a copy of the Albertsons coupon policy and carrying it with you. Here are the general points:

  • Coupons that exceed the value of an item can be used for overage towards your entire transaction. But NO overage will be given back. For example if an item is $0.50 cents and you have a $1/1 coupon for that item  – you will get the item for FREE, plus $0.50 overage to go towards other items in your transaction.  However, if you only have the $0.50 item and no others in your transaction, the coupon will be adjusted down to the price of the item only. This applies only to manufacturer coupons, no overage allowed on Twice the Value coupons.
  • You may use a BOGO manufacturer coupon with a BOGO store sale or store coupon, making your items FREE.  You can also use a manufacturer cents off coupon with a manufacturer BOGO.
  • Rain checks will be issued for a store coupon unless the coupon says “while supplies last.” Ask for rain checks at checkout or at the customer service desk. They are generally good for 30 days from the date issued. You can use coupons when you redeem your rain check.
  • Only ONE store and ONE manufacturer coupon may be used on the same qualifying item(s)
  • Competitor coupons will NOT be accepted, even if they say manufacturer on them
  • Coupons meant for future visits or another transaction cannot be used in the same transaction they are generated (such as catalinas)
  • Reproduced coupons will NOT be accepted (such as photocopied ones)
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: The policy says that this restriction includes, “multiple prints of same series internet coupons”.  If this issue were to surface, be sure to politely point out the unique codes on the coupons and that you have multiple computers.
  • Expired coupons will NOT be accepted
  • Item must meet specified requirements on the coupon (such as size, variation, or quantity)
  • A coupon may be redeemed only once and surrendered at the time of purchase
  • They reserve the right to refuse any coupon


  • Barcodes must scan
  • Coupons for a FREE product without a required purchase are not accepted
  • You may not have more than one coupon with the same serial number (meaning it was photocopied)
  • There needs to be a manufacturer address on the coupon

Albertsons is known in the coupon world for it’s Twice the Value coupons (also called doublers). They are the key to getting FREE stuff and I regularly do doubler match-ups. Twice the Value coupons are store-issued coupons generally found in the Sunday Albertsons ad, and sometimes in the weekly ad. There is no rhyme or reason to when these are issued, but we generally find out through the grapevine about three to four days before they are scheduled to come out.

How they work – Twice the Value coupons will match any amount of one manufacturer coupon that is $1 or less.  This matched amount will be in addition to what you would save with your manufacturer coupon. For example, a $0.75 cent manufacturer coupon would be doubled to save you $1.50, or a $1 manufacturer coupon would be doubled to save you $2.

Here’s an example – Bounty Basic paper towels are on sale for $4.49.  If you had a coupon for a $1 off one package of Bounty Basic paper towels, your transaction would look like this (without a Twice the Value coupon)”

But, if you used the coupon for a $1 off one Bounty Basic paper towels AND used a Twice the Value coupon with it, Albertsons would match that $1 off one coupon to add an extra $1 off the paper towels.  Your transaction would look like this:

To be doubled, coupon must be a manufacturer coupon valued under $1
You can ONLY double manufacturer coupons that are $1 or under, and that fall into the type of manufacturer coupons that Albertsons accepts (see coupon policy above). Any coupon $1.01 or higher cannot be used with a Twice the Value coupon, not even to match it up just a $1. You cannot use a Twice the Value coupon to match the price of a store-issued coupon.

Only three (3) Twice the Value coupons per transaction
Only three Twice the Value Coupons are allowed per transaction. The Twice the Value coupons come in sets of three, if you look closely you’ll see there is a 1, 2, or 3 on each of them (see image below) – you can only use one of each per transaction. If you’re doing multiple transactions and have your Twice the Value coupons pre-clipped, don’t accidentally hand the cashier two coupons with a the same number on them.

Three (3) transactions allowed at a time
Twice the Value coupons say “Three double coupons per transaction.” Albertsons has requested (and their coupon policy states) that customers do NO MORE THAN THREE consecutive transactions. It is highly suggested to follow that guideline or Albertsons could restrict our ability to do multiple transactions with Twice the Value coupons. And, of course, be courteous to others when doing multiple transactions – don’t shop during the 5 p.m. dinner rush and expect them to do three transactions in a row – it’s not courteous and the lines quickly stack up, which requires more cashiers. You need a set of doubler coupons for EACH transaction you do. So if you want to do three transactions, set your products out and separate them by the bars, and put a set of doublers which each transaction.

An exact value must be specified
The manufacturer coupon must have an exact amount off in order to be used.  For example, buy one get one free coupons cannot be used with a Twice the Value coupon because they have no exact value specified.  However, a coupon for $0.50 off two products could be used because it has an exact value.

A product must be specified
The manufacturer coupon must have a specific product on the coupon in order to be used. A manufacturer issued catalina for a $1 off an entire transaction cannot be used because it does not have a specific product on it.

No overage will be given
No overage will be given back because these are store couons. If your Twice the Value and manufacturer coupons total comes to under $0, then the value of the coupon will be adjusted down to make your purchase free with no overage.  For example, if you purchase a yogurt with a sale price of $0.50 and you use a manufacturer coupon for $0.30 off one, your Twice the Value coupon will be worth $0.30 and you’ll be over by $0.10.  The cashier will adjust the Twice the Value coupon down to $0.20, making your yogurt free but no overage.

Your mileage will vary as to whether or not overage on a particular purchase will be allowed to be used towards other items already in your transaction, reducing your overall transaction total.

Coupons that say Do Not Double
Coupons that say Do Not Double (DND) on the top will still be doubled with an Albertsons Twice the Value coupon. The Do Not Double is to protect the manufacturer from having to pay double on a coupon. Albertsons is the one taking on the cost of the Twice the Value coupons, not the manufacturer, so this doesn’t apply to Albertsons doublers.

Twice the Value Coupons may not be combined with other store coupons
Other Albertsons store coupons specifically say, “cannot be combined with Twice the Value Coupon.” Twice the Value coupons are in-store coupons. As with almost all stores, you may only use one store coupon on each item(s) specified.

Where to find Twice the Value coupons
You NEED to have the Twice the Value coupons to get your manufacturer coupons doubled. Most, if not all, stores do NOT have Twice the Value coupons available at the customer service counter anymore. The best way to guarantee Twice the Value doublers is to get them from the Sunday paper. Sometimes you can print them off their Facebook page. (If you live in the Puget Sound area, check out the Tacoma News Tribune, it’s only $1 a copy – delivered to your house and they carry the doublers. I recommend getting at least one paper per person in your family. I get five copies, which means I always have five sets of doublers when they come out! Get more info on Tacoma News Tribune special.)

If there is a super deal at Albertsons and you want a larger quantity of something you can (and should) place a Special Request (or special order). Look for these forms on the shelves (they should be within the first six to eight-feet of each aisle). For example, if pasta is on sale for $1 a box and you have 20 $1/1 coupons, you can place a special order for 20 boxes, they will order it for you and call you when it’s in. You can use your 20 coupons and get your 20 boxes of pasta for FREE, without clearing the shelves. It generally takes three days or so for special orders to come in, but you can check with the manager if you need it by a certain time.

Because Albertsons is such a HOT spot for the best coupon deals, the shelves can be empty (they try to keep them stocked). When this happens, don’t fret, just head over to customer service and ask for a rain check. It’s basically an IOU that honors the sale price at the time of issuing. So if pasta is $1 a box, get a rain check and that means you have 30 days to pick up your pasta at the $1 price. You CAN use coupons with your rain check.

Do you have any questions? Contact us and we’ll try and answer it.

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