June 26, 2012

Chicken Coop Tour – DIY coop, four chickens, cost about $400 (tongue and groove cedar!)

Welcome to the Queen Bee Coop-on Tour. Every day for the next couple weeks or so I’ll be featuring a different chicken coop! These were all sent in by Queen Bee readers. Here’s our second coop, sent in by Angie in Vancouver, Washington!

Cost: About $400. We ended up spending a little more then they wanted to because they live so close to their neighbors. The neighbors now call it the “Hilton Henhouse”!

Who built? We built our own coop! We used a lot of ideas and pictures from BackYardChickens.com for inspiration.

Favorite features: My favorite features are the tongue and groove cedar siding my husband found cheap, we have two guillotine style doors to let the chickens in and out of the henhouse and out of the coop into the run. My favorite feature is the poop hammock I made.  I came across this in my research and WOW what a difference it has made in cleaning.  I never have to pick up poop in the henhouse.  Just take it out and shake it into the compost pile.  It has saved me time and money.  (See picture w/ LuLu modeling for you)

A coop poop hammock, who knew?

How many chickens do you have?  We have 4 chickens – Austrlorp, Buff Orpington, Siler-laced Wyandotte and an Ameraucana.  They are very sweet and get along great with our kids and German Shepard.  One of my girls is always worming and grubbing for treats for the hens.
Do you have suggestions for new chicken owners? My recommendation would be to get your chicks in February because we didn’t until the end of May and they didn’t start laying until early November – so less eggs.

Thank you Angie for sending in your coop photos! I love the style and that tongue and groove cedar siding is super classy! I love the look. I also like the stone foot path you put around it.

Do you have chicken coop? I’d love to see photos and you can be featured here on Queen Bee! Email it to me at thehive@queenbeecoupons.com with the subject line coop tour. 

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  1. Amazing. I want to build one just like it . can you sent me the plans or where to get them.?

  2. Jennifer Mason says

    Just wondering if I can get the plans for this?

  3. Robert Olson says

    This looks amazing! Is it possible to share materials/plans?

  4. This is perfect. Is there’s any way to get plans or list of materials?

  5. Enock DeAssis says

    Hello from South Africa Angie! I love you coop. We are building our first and coop ever. Would that possible for you to send us the blueprints and list of supplies we need to purchase? I really want to make this. Will send pictures once it is done with our African chickens on it.
    Thank you so much! Enock

  6. Are there plans for this coop – this is just what I am looking for!

  7. Deborah Reid says

    Is there plans/parts list for this coop?
    Thank you!

  8. Could you email the plans and supplies? beautiful coop!

  9. Would you care to send me the blueprints for this? I think you and your hubby did a fantastic job! I love the size and would love to (attempt) build one similar to this!

  10. heather woolverton says

    Angie do you have plans for your coop? It is exactly what my husband and I were looking for!!!!

  11. joseph Quigley says

    Is there any way to get measurements for this coop? I really like the design and the scale!!!

  12. I was wondering if you have a list of the supplies you used. We purchased the Garden Coop plans (which looks very similar to the one you build) and after doing a quick tally of the supplies, it looks like it would cost us around $700 to build. I’d love to do it for around $400. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated! Beautiful coop!

  13. Beautiful coop! I have a question about using cedar wood. Someone told me that it is not good to use cedar on coops because chickens do not like the natural but strong aroma and oil that off gases from the cedar wood.

  14. Beautiful!

  15. Where did you get your screen door on your run?

  16. its all pretty impressive

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