April 30, 2012

Choco-rock cupcakes with worms and dirt

Check out these rockin’ cupcakes we made yesterday for my son’s preschool class! They are choco-rock cupcakes with chocolate dirt and gummy worms. My son couldn’t wait to bring them to school, especially after a weekend of digging up real worms and rocks in the yard.


Cake mix, and all ingredients to make cupcakes

Chocolate frosting

Chocolate cookies, crumbled (we used Cat Chocolate Cookies from Trader Joes)

Choco-rocks (chocolate rocks) – buy in bulk from Winco for about $4/lb

Gummy worms


1.) Make your cupcakes ahead of time and cool

2.) Frost with a layer of chocolate frosting

3.) Create a little scene with choco-rocks, dirt (crumbled cookies) and gummy worms

I made the little “you rock” signs by cutting squares of rock scrapbook paper (available at JoAnns or Michaels). Glue to the same size square in black cardstock with a toothpick in between both papers. I cut little circles out of Avery file folder labels and wrote “you rock” with a magic marker. Stick the labels on your signs. I also colored the labels with a gray crayon to try and make them look like rocks.

I also think they would be cool to just cover in the choco-rocks, leaving out the worms and dirt. But this is a four-year-olds dream – chocolate, rocks, worms, dirt. . . so we went with it. I also liked that my son could decorate these on his own – there was not a finite detail or pickiness needed – you couldn’t really mess them up.

My son intently decorates his cupcakes. Fresh out of the bath, he didn’t waste any time getting chocolate frosting on his face. That’s a sign of a good cupcake. . .  and delicious memories!

We hope you enjoy these as much as we did!

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  1. Where does your son go to school that they let you bring in “home baked goodies”? I haven’t been able to do that in public schools for 15 years. My grandsons(PRIVATE) pre school doesn’t allow it as well.

  2. So cool! Last year for my son’s birthday we did dirt cups with those same ingredients! Big hit!

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