March 18, 2013

Clean a dry erase board with a Mr. Clean Eraser


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My son got this Melissa and Doug easel for Christmas when he was just two years old. It has taken a beating by both him and his sister over the years. At one point they colored on it with regular markers, not dry erase, and no matter how much I scrubbed it, I couldn’t get the marker off. It was stressing me out, so I put it in the garage. Then recently my good friend suggested I clean it with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. . . she’s the kind of friend that always has good advice. . . .


Look what a little elbow grease and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser did for our poor easel! Except for a few marks on the wood it looks as good as it did 3.5 years ago when it was found under the Christmas tree! I flipped the wood bar on the bottom and gave the tray a bath.


I used half of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, a little water and some elbow grease! That’s it. I used a tiny, tiny bit of Goo Gone to get rid of sticker residue.


Amazon has a great deal on Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Cleaning Pads, 8-Count Box – just $6.15 shipped with subscribe and save. It is an 8-count box, so that’s only $0.77 cents each.

Hope this advice helps you, too! What sorts of things have you cleaned with a Mr. Clean Magic Erase?

Disclaimer – Make sure and read the directions on your Mr. Clean Magic Eraser box. There are some surfaces that can become discolored or worn after being cleaned with a Magic Eraser. I was willing to risk it, since my easel was already in such bad shape. Don’t blame me if Mr. Eraser rubs the paint off of something or you chip a nail scrubbing. 😉


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  1. Mr. Clean did not work on mine. boo. not sure how much elbow grease you need but I don’t have much! joints are hurting today from Lupus so need to find something not needing a lot of elbow grease. thanks though!

  2. I always just use baking soda

  3. imjustagirl says

    Have you ever try ” GOOF OFF” spray bottle minus the stink ($5 at Target) with Magic Eraser ? That is my best ever.
    Don’t get the hair spray, Does it get sticky and dry up so quickly?
    Please suggest Laundry tips on how to keep white socks white. I tried white vinegar, auto dish washing liquid ETC. still not happy with it.

  4. So if you write on a dryerase board with a perm marker like a sharpie color over it with a dryerase marker and it will come off.

  5. Magic Erasers are just melamine foam- which is much cheaper on Amazon if you buy them in bulk!

  6. Hairspray works great too on dry erase boards. Just be sure to wash the hairspray off after cleaning.

    • Hairspray works on any laminated surface like cabinets and counters. My mom has a can at school just for that 🙂

  7. Toothpaste also works great on removing crayons from boards, cabinets, doors.

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