August 30, 2012

Costco check-in! Halloween costumes, toys and Christmas decorations are in!

I gave you a heads up yesterday on the Queen Bee Facebook page that I was headed to Costco. And of course, I had to scope out the newest and best deals for you while I was there. It was the third stop with my both my kids (first the Dollar Tree to shop with coupons, and Safeway to price check) – so it was a quick trip.

They have their Halloween costumes out! Mostly baby/toddler sizes for $12.99. These are good quality costumes and they had a lot of styles. They didn’t have as much selection for the older kids – the basic princess and super hero costumes, but not many sizes or styles left.

Storage bins on sale for $9.99, after $5 instant rebate! They come in some fun colors and have a slick fabric – so they’d be great for wiping down. I bought some for my daughter’s room – they’ll be perfect for her closet to hold clothes to grow into and toys.

And speaking of toys. . .they have really ramped up the toy selection in preparation for the holiday shopping season. . .

For all you moms with LEGO fanatics (like me!) you may want to check out the LEGO Ninjago 3-in-Super Pack for only $45.99. I didn’t spend a lot of time researching, but I’m guessing it’s a great bargain.

This Step2 Heart of the Home kitchen is $119.99. I’m not sure how it compares to other kitchen deals but it looks like it’s a pretty big size and it comes with food.

This Mommy and Me shopping cart (it’s the car cart!!!!) is only $19.99. My daughter freaked out when she saw this – it’s the infamous car cart from the grocery stores that requires Popeye muscles to steer, and always seems to make my children go wild.

And of course Christmas decor is in! Usually I’m not too excited to see this stuff in August, but we have had such a busy summer, I’m day dreaming about cozy, winter nights, cocoa and Christmas lights.

As for other deals. . .I stocked up on batteries, they have a instant rebate right now on the Duracell C and D batteries. Making the 12 packs only $10.45 (reg. $12.99). Not too shabby – plus I think there is a coupon in the Costco coupon book for the other sizes? And there is an instant rebate on the CFL lights making them only $3 – $5 a set (I think this rebate is continuous).

They also had Mangos (8.6 pounds) for only $6.99, Fuji apples $1.64/lb, Bartlett Pears 4 lbs for $5.99 and more!

Have you found a good deal at Costco lately? 

If you shop Costco a lot, make sure and check out our Costco price list! 


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  1. did you see the coconut oil that they got in? great quality!!

  2. Love the part about the car cart! My kids always beg me to let them ride in one. It’s so much work pushing those things around loaded with 2 kids and a bunch of groceries. Definitely a workout!

  3. I Love that tree, I’m going to look for it next time I’m there! My husband and I did a quick trip to costco last weekend and he was all mad that Christmas stuff was already out.

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