April 18, 2013

Costco Garden Deals – Plant prices, planters, Miracle Gro, solar lights


Costco has great garden deals! I love the plants, planters, tools, and yard decorations. I stopped into Costco last week to gather up some prices for you, in case you’re thinking about stopping in.

They have a two pack of solar lanterns for $29.99 – those are the green ones pictured above. I think they are pretty. They also have quite a few solar pathway lights for $30 – $49.


Miracle Gro, 12.5 box is $21.99.


I love, love, love Costco flowers. I would buy them all if I could without being committed. These would make the perfect Mother’s day gift, I think. Hardy Hydrangea 1.84 gallon buckets – $19.99.


Landscape flats, $9.99. I want to say that these had eight plants in them. I can’t remember. Anyone know?


Costco hanging flower baskets are amazing (I think). They are only $19.99, which is a steal for this size.


Check out this Whiskey Barrel Planter – just $17.99. Seems like a fantastic price.


Lots of different sized planters for those of you who want to add some color to the front of your house or want to do some container gardening. $17.99 – $40 depending on how fancy they are.


This Sunglow Mirror is so very cool. It’s $60, which seems like a lot, but I think this is a good price for these types of mirrors, which I’ve seen closer to $100 – $120 regular price.


And for the kids, this Splash and Scoop Bay is $43.99.


Don’t forget! We do a coupon match-up for Costco with every new Costco coupon book that is released. You can see the current Costco Coupon Book deals here.

Have you seen any cool Costco garden or yard deals lately?


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  1. Denise Mauldin says

    Did they have any Scott’s Turfbuilder or similar? Thanks!

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