March 10, 2020

Costco Price List – Updated with 1400 per unit prices (updated March 2020)

Costco Price List

Did you know we have a Costco Coupon Price list here at Queen Bee Coupons?

Basically we scoured the store and calculated the per unit price on 1400 items. The goal of the list is to make it easy for you to compare per unit prices with grocery store deals. I often think something is a good deal, but standing in the store doing the math for every item, can be exhausting – so we did the work for you! Just print this list out, toss it in your wallet or purse and use it as a reference when you’re out and about, or shopping on

We just UPDATED the list this month – and so all the prices are valid as of March 2020!

Have you noticed Costco prices going up for any of your favorite items or brands?


See the Costco Price List here

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  1. Adrian Latinak says

    This deserves the Nobel Prize. Beautiful.

  2. This is incredibly helpful! Thank you! I spent hours the other day at Costco writing down prices for the main things I get there. I wish I had checked online first, but I am using this now! THANK YOU!

  3. Thank you for this list. And for the search option. That saves a ton of time especially when I am limited on time before my girl wakes up. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this. I go to this list to know and PLAN how much I am going to spend before I go to Costco. Shared it on pinterest!

  4. Vanilla is officially $36!!! I can get 16 ounces fair trade at Whole Foods (that’s 2 bottles) for $20! Their organic milk is more expensive than any store I shop at. Something like $12 for 1 and a half gallons. I pay that at Whole Foods for 2 gallons! And I don’t buy that either, I go on $5 Friday’s to Safeway. Their eggs went up by $2, avocados $2, and I haven’t had my membership for a year yet! My food budget has almost doubled since getting my membership there. Before I only shopped at Whole Foods! My budget doubled that of whole paycheck!! I don’t know if I’ll use my executive paycheck to purchase another membership or not. But I’m limiting my visits to Costco and returning to Whole Foods. My diet was much better shopping there too.

  5. Jean-Guy Paris says

    Black rubber carpet for garage floring, this item is usualy seasonnal in the fall to winter period. Size is 6′ X 20′ .
    Can this item be expected in stores soon ? when ? My Costco store is located in city of Boucherville, Quebec, Canada.
    Can this item be avalabable on the Net ? What is it priced at ? Thank’s . J-G P

  6. Made my life so much easier 🙂

  7. Thank you for your Costco price list. I’ve become unemployed and this saved me hours of work trying to compare prices. I appreciate the effort you put in.

  8. This is amazing! As a Marketing Analyst I am super geeking out about this right now!! You made my month!! I’m gonna pin this all over my Pinterest! If you get a chance and know it off the top of your head, could you add the cost of the Organic Chicken Thigh? Thanks so much again!!

  9. Vivek Manpuria says

    Is this 2017 price list also from the Costco in Olympia, Washington?

  10. Helen in Meridian says

    There has been a world wide shortage of real Vanilla beans, especially the Madagascar beans to make vanilla for at least 8 months. I remember back then waiting for 3 weeks before Costco got in one case, just one, and I was there at the right time to get my bottle. Back then it was only up to $12.99.

  11. Geri Berard says

    I’d like vitamin supplement with tumeric.
    Please help.

  12. Is it for USA only? I’m looking for Canada!

    • The prices were gathered from a store near Olympia, Washington. The prices can vary a bit from store to store in the US but I do believe the prices vary more in Canada.

  13. Are you going to do a 2016 update?? would love one 🙂

  14. Joan Williams says

    I need two large hams for Thanksgiving dinner. 24 to 30 people. Wlll costco have them on sale or for sale the prior week or weekend.Iml elderly and i swear this is my last hurrah at making these hams. Figured it out last night This is the 69th year., I’ve worried about Thanksgiving dinner. Mob to feed . Need spiral or non spiral smoked at less than $2.00 a pound.

  15. Thank you!

  16. This is AWESOME!!!
    Thank you for your hard work.
    One correction I noticed – Crystal Light on the Go should be $.04 per oz, or $0.18 each

    Thank you again!!!

  17. Just wanted to say thank you! I know this has to be tons of work and very time consuming!

    • Hi Cathy – Thank you so much for your comment! It is a lot of work to keep up with the Costco price list but I know how much our readers use, and love it! Thank you for following my site!

  18. This is fantastic! Thanks so much for your time and effort! I was wondering if you have considered sharing as a spreadsheet file instead of the pdf?

  19. Thank you so much for this!! This list was compiled about a year ago, have you noticed a change in prices since? If so, is an updated list in the works? That would be wonderful.

  20. Im curious if you have noticed if the prices have increased since you made this list? I just found your blog and have been trying to decide if a membership is worth it. Thank you so much for putting this together,Im sure there is tons of time invested 🙂

    • Disclaimer, my husband now works for Costco, but this relates to our pre-employment shopping. We would buy bread, milk, gas & diapers regularly because they were all cheaper than anywhere else about 8 years ago. We spent enough money to justify the cost of their executive membership where you get 3% back, meaning we earn a hundred dollar check once a year. That doesn’t include the savings on the items we bought. We did buy a few other things, but not big purchases or in large amounts. Most of the time if you just buy your gas at Costco, you will save more than it costs to purchase the gold star membership which is their basic one.

  21. Hey I love this helpful tool to it helped me a lot when going shopping

  22. Hi Heather,
    Thanks so much for the Costco Price List. I convert my credit card points into Walmart gift cards to use online but it is hard to figure out if something is cheaper there or at Costco. I live in New York and your prices are pretty close to ours. God bless!

  23. This is really great, thank you so much!! I use this all the time!

  24. This is seriously awesome. I’m sure it took forever for you guys to put this together. Thank you so much for putting this together for us!!!

  25. I have been a member of Costco since 1985 (prior to the merger of Price Club/Costco). Please note that prices and product vary throughout the country so your list is a nice template and I know that it was a lot of work and very appreciated!

  26. That’s dedication! Thank you so much for sharing. Just moved to an area with Costco… seriously considering membership.

  27. I shop CostCo regularly (every weekend) and these prices are just slightly cheaper than my local CostCo.. with that said I am also in Hawai’i so everything usually runs about 20% higher than on the mainland.. which is why I LOVE my CostCo!

  28. Hi Heather – wondering if you have a typo on the Kirkland brand diapers, size 1/2. I was getting a box for $19.99 when I shopped on Feb 8. I think that was a normal price, not sale. Thank you so much for putting this list together!!!

  29. I wish their was a SAMs club price list. That is where we are members

  30. Do you do anything like this for Sam’s Club? Great info! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Wow…….what an amazing resource and so much work. Thank you!

  32. THANK YOU! This was a ton of work and its greatly appreciated!

  33. I’m thrilled to find this! I just got a Costco membership through Living Social. I also have a Sam’s Club membership through my parents. I’ve been disappointed that I can’t compare prices online for Costco. They only have some items with prices online. Thanks for providing this list.

  34. is this Costco us only? I’m from Canada

  35. Heather- You are being featured for this Costco price list on right now. Thought I’d let you know 🙂

  36. What a great resource! Thank you for taking the time to put this together. We just moved to the Pacific Northwest, and did our first Costco shop last night. This list will be really helpful.

  37. I am interested in knowing which of these items is ALMOST always the best deal at Costco? I know there are freak deals out there on Amazon, super close-out/coupon match up craziness, but as a general rule of thumb– could you highlight the items which are normally the BEST deal at Costco? Thank you for this VALUABLE resource!!

    • Jess – That’s a great question. I’ll see about putting together a post of the best Costco deals. There are certainly things that are a better deal at Costco. Some of our favorites – yeast, feta cheese, bananas, wine, chips, almonds (most nuts), and most seasonings.

      • Thank you for the sneak peek list 😉
        I look forward to your favorite BESTs list soon.
        Thanks for all the ways you help us!!

        • I also would LOVE (and greatly appreciate) a list of items are typically always cheaper at Costco! I do not shop there currently, buy I often toss around the idea of getting a membership. We are trying to eat/drink more organic as well and I can see already that the organic milk is a lot cheaper than what I pay at Smith’s (Kroger.)
          Thanks for posting your price list, that’s awesome and I’m sure super helpful to shoppers!

          • My Costco carries a lot of organic items – especially fruits and vegetables. You can always go and see what your Costco has without a membership if you have the time. They will issue you a day pass if you want to buy anything (it has a surcharge if you purchase, but there is free looking!).

      • How did you get this list of products and prices?

    • Great reference tool; I Costco regularly, buy gas there and do online shopping; between my Costco rewards and those from my CITI card I got almost $450 cash back last year (yes you can cash out your certificates, and RARELY impulse buy. We purchased our new shop roll up doors, an urn for my sister’s ashes, Christmas and birthday gifts sent directly to our cross country loved ones, eye exams and glasses, and items from every department in the store; just bought a fridge from Home Depot because we wanted a specific model Costco did not carry, and we are careful not to assume best prices. We also do not buy in bulk unless we know we can use it before it ages out; repackage so we don’t have jumbo containers in our kitchen, and have a separate large freezer for overflow. I am not a name brand shopper, utilize bulk foods, and don’t eat much processed food, and find that a good deal of my purchases might be a bit cheaper at Store B, but quality is often surpassed by a mile at Costco for only cents more – and if you aren’t happy, they will return dang near anything, no questions asked. Can you tell I love Costco??

  38. Very helpful! Thank you!

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