March 10, 2020

Costco Price List – Costco prices for 1400 items, updated March 2020

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Costco Price List – Updated March 2020

What’s better coupons or Costco? It depends on the product. This Costco price list breaks 1300 Costco products down by unit – ounce or pound, so you can compare apples to apples when calculating the best deal.

Search for products you use – The database in it’s entirety is overwhelming. The list is organized by category (for example, baby, grocery, produce, etc.) and then by specific product. Just click on the database and search using CTRL+F to find specific products that you regularly buy. For example, if you buy size 4 diapers regularly, check what they are at Costco and then use that as a baseline when you are out shopping.

Prices vary by region – Please remember that these prices are from a local store in Tumwater, WA and your store prices probably vary slightly. If your prices are a lot different – let me know, I’m interested in knowing how consistent this is across the nation.

Do the math. This tool is going to be most helpful if you do the calculations. When I do my grocery match-ups, I’ll try and highlight when I know a deal is better than Costco. Here are some easy conversions to make it easy for you to figure what is the best deal.

16 oz = 1 lb
2 pints = 1 quart
4 quarts = 1 gallon

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