October 6, 2009

General coupon policies

Just like with anything else, there are rules in the world of couponing. But don’t worry – they aren’t complicated and general common sense will get you most of the way.

These are some general coupon policies that apply to most stores. If you have a favorite store, I recommend getting a copy of their coupon policy.

  • One coupon per item
    If you have two items, you can use two coupons. If the coupon is $1 off of 2 items and you have two items, you can only use one coupon.
  • One store coupon + one manufacturer coupon
    Generally most stores will take one store coupon (a coupon put out by them) and one manufacturers coupon per item. This is a great way to stack up the savings quickly!
  • Check expiration dates and small print
    Read, and follow, the small print. It’s mostly just boilerplate information and won’t make much of a difference in how you use the coupon. Check expiration dates – most stores don’t accept them if they are expired.

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