August 30, 2018

DreamCloud Mattress review – I’m in love, definitely my new favorite mattress brand

DreamCloud Mattress review

You may recall we moved into a new house a couple month ago. We went from being in a TINY bedroom to having a Master bedroom that can now fit a King-size bed. It’s been years since we had a King-size bed – we sold ours with our house when we started traveling in our Airstream. For the last few years we’ve been sleeping on a tiny RV mattress and then an inexpensive queen mattress.

So fast forward to the new house and I got an email from DreamCloud Mattress advertising their mattresses. I was intrigued by the 15″ blend of latex, tufting and coil technology, memory foam and hand-craft Cashmere. DreamCloud claims it’s the best sleep money can buy – so I decided to give it a try!

I ordered a King-size DreamCloud mattress and it was delivered right before we moved into the new house. I love that it was delivered to my front door. Can you imagine trying to get a King-size mattress to fit into your car or truck? Having it delivered to my doorstep in a compact package was a dream in itself!

Our first night in our new house we opened the mattress up in our new space. What started as a compact “roll” opened up quickly and soon became a full-size King mattress. I wish I would have recorded a video of it – it was so amazing! I knew right away that this mattress was special. I’ve had memory foam brand mattress toppers before – but this looked and felt like a REAL mattress – I could hardly believe it!

I noticed right away that there was NO ODOR! None. We had purposely opened up the mattress early in the day to allow it to “air out” because in the past we’ve had issues with memory foam mattresses having a chemical smell. Can you relate? This HAD NO chemical smell and was ready to sleep on as soon as we opened it up! I was really impressed.  It also has high-end handles on the side of the mattress for easy moving – a great plus.

I also noticed how amazing the top felt. Seriously. The softest ever. The memory foam and hand-craft Cashmere is no joke. I never thought I’d be so giddy over a mattress – but this one is just incredible. . . .really! But how does it feel to sleep on it?

Fast forward to today.   . . we’ve been sleeping on the DreamCloud mattress exactly one month now. I’m completely sold. I can easily say it’s my favorite mattress brand to date. Hands down. Both my husband and I have been sleeping like CHAMPS.  I love it so much I’ve been finding myself telling my friends and family members about it – and I’ve never been one to talk mattresses – but this one is awesome. The biggest problem I’m having is sleeping IN TOO LATE! I literally don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. 🙂 That’s a problem I don’t generally have – but it’s too comfy.

I’m completely sold. I just love it. And even though I can’t ever imagine returning this mattress, DreamCloud does have a 365-night Trial and Everlong Warranty – how wonderful is that? DreamCloud is so sure of their product, they will even give you a full year, 365 nights, to try it and decide if this is the right mattress for you! If you don’t love it, they will remove the mattress and refund your money. And less than 3% of DreamCloud customers return their mattress. While most mattress companies only offer a 10-15 year warranty, the DreamCloud Mattress has the Everlong Warranty. DreamCloud Mattress construction and materials is guaranteed for the full life of use by the original owner!

To recap my review and all the things I love about the DreamCloud mattress :

  • DreamCloud is a luxury hybrid mattress that’s 15 inches high and has eight layers – 8 layers!!!
  • There is a layer of pocketed coils within DreamCloud making it unlike most online mattresses that are just blocks of memory foam. I noticed this difference right away!!
  • Comparable brands in stores sell for $3500-$6000
  • 365 Night Sleep Trial – Try it for an entire year risk fee
  • Everlong Warranty
  • Free shipping and $200 off with the code SHOP200

I just had to tell you about our DreamCloud experience. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, I recommend checking them out. And right now you can save $200 on any size DreamCloud Mattress, no code needed (it should apply automatically), prices as listed. And all orders ship FREE.

DreamCloud does offer financing options with a lease-to-own plan that does not require a credit check and gives you 6 months of low monthly payments.

Have you tried the DreamCloud mattress before? I’d love to hear what you think!  If you have questions, leave a comment and I’ll reply! 

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Sponsored post :: I’m partnering with DreamCloud to bring you this honest review. All photos, opinions and genuine love for this mattress are my own. 🙂  I wouldn’t “dream” of doing anything else! All links in the post are affiliate links – if you purchase a mattress through these links, I get a small commission. 


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  1. Sue Eichler says

    My husband and I are currently in the market for a new mattress set. I remembered your glowing review about the Dreamcloud from last year and was so pleased to see your comments today reaffirming the fact that you really like this mattress. I came very close to ordering a king size set last night, but was dismayed to find that the mattress is manufactured in China. I am trying really hard to buy USA made products as much as humanly possible. It sounds like a great mattress but I just can’t get past the “made in China” thing. For a few hundred bucks more, you can purchase several mattress brands that are manufactured in the USA. Any thoughts?

  2. Carolyn Mitchell says

    Did you buy the foundation offered by the company? If so what is your opinion about it? Thank you.

  3. Barbara Shaw says

    How deep do your sheets need to be?

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