September 25, 2013

Easy Owl Craft for Kids – Make your own line-up of owls, using cotton batting

Originally published last year, I’m sharing again!

This craft was a hoot. I couldn’t help myself, sorry. But it is true. I think these fluffy little owls are as cute as can be and it really is an easy, easy craft. My five- and two-year-old both loved it and I luckily had all the items here at home. I stole this idea from preschool.

I especially like how you can line up your kid’s projects – so you can have a long row of owls. This looks really cool in a classroom or a hallway at school.


Construction paper – black, brown, orange and yellow

Cotton batting or stuffing – From an old throw pillow or quilt batting. You could try cotton balls but I had a hard time getting them to stick together.

Garage sale price stickers – or you can just cut out round eyes from regular paper




  1. Start with a full size sheet of black construction paper.
  2. Cut out a tree branch using brown construction paper. Free hand it. Add some stubs to make it look like a real branch. You could probably add some lines to give the look of bark.
  3. Use a some cotton batting to make a little poof (real technical huh?) – put a TON of glue on the paper where you want your owl to be. We used a glue stick, I’m not sure it will work with drippy glue. Smoosh your owl down on the glue. Make sure it will stick well.
  4. Cut out little feet from the orange paper. Glue them to the paper, with part of them tucked up under the owl.
  5. Cut out a little triangle for the nose. Glue it to the owl. Push down to make sure it will stick.
  6. For the eyes, color black dots onto garage sale price stickers (or printer labels cut in circles, or plain construction paper). Stick or glue to owls for the eyes.
  7. Decorate the night sky with stickers and cut out a moon from the yellow paper.

With my five-year-old, we integrated some learning into the fun:

  • If you have three owls and each has two feet – how many feet do we have to cut out for each picture?
  • What shape are we using for the owls beak? How many sides do the owl noses have?
  • What sound does an owl make? What letters do Hoot and Owl start with?
  • Do owls sleep at night or during the day? What do owls like to eat?

The eyes are more fun stuck to your hand, when you’re two.

Lots of glue.

Making her owls. They look strangely cute no matter what shape they end up being. . . .

My daughter pulled all her owls off after she was done. And she sneezed on it. Nice, huh? It’s still on the wall with the rest of them. 😉

 In deep thought about what to add for his finishing touches. Yes, he’s wearing rain boots and pajamas. Anyone with a 5-year-old boy can understand.

It was a fun project to do during the “witching hour” which is what I call the time from 5 p.m. to bedtime and the kids do best if they have something to do. Otherwise we all go a little batty.

If you like owls, you should check out this craft I posted awhile back using toilet paper rolls and cupcake liners.

Do you have a favorite fall, Halloween or harvest craft?


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  1. What a great idea for a nasty weather like outside today! I’m going to have three English classes today, with a two year-old, with 4-5 year olds and with 9-11 year olds, and I think this amazing craft will do great with all of them! I need to get a ton of glue and cotton wool though :))))) Although it is not Halloween or fall or harvest time, these owls are so cute and besides these birds are the image of our newly-opened children’s centre, so THANKS A LOT!

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