September 17, 2018

*LAST CHANCE!* 30% off Eat at Home meal plans, ends soon!

School has started and this is probably our busiest fall season yet. In year’s past we’ve been pretty chill about extracurricular activities in our house – but this year the kids are older and they wanted to do gymnastics, swimming and soccer. So our weekday evenings are a bit busier than we’re used to – and I can already see how the drive-thru or take-out seems tempting!

But I know that eating at home saves us a ton of money and it is healthier for my family – so I went on a hunt for a meal planning program that would help me organize my shopping list, pin-down my weekly dinner menu, and make dinner at home both EASY and ENJOYABLE! 

And I think I found it. Thank goodness! 

I’ve teamed up with Tiffany from Eat at Home to bring you the most amazing MEAL PLANNING RESOURCE saving you time, money and energy this fall. And of course – we have a special deal for you (more on that later). But first, let me tell you why I love it. 

The team at Eat at Home makes meal planning a breeze. It seriously could NOT be any easier. The recipes and the detailed (color-coded) shopping list are all in one place – everything is planned for you – making shopping, planning and prep an EASY, QUICK process.  You get to choose from the small plan (feeds 3-4 people) or the large plan (feeds 6-8 people).

Sugar- or flour-free? Slow Cooker? Whole Foods? They got you covered!

YOU CHOOSE the plan that works best for you each week (get ALL plans included for one low price)!

Every month you get ALL OF THIS . . . 

  • An entire month of Traditional Menu Plans, including weekly grocery lists and printable recipe instructions
  • An entire month of Slow Cooker Menu Plans, including weekly grocery lists and printable recipe instructions
  • An entire month of Whole Food Menu Plans, including weekly grocery lists and printable recipe instructions
  • An entire month of No Sugar, No Flour Menu Plans, including weekly grocery lists and printable recipe instructions
  • Each menu plan comes with recipes created for small family (3-4 servings) and large family (6-8 servings)

And no matter WHICH type of menu plan you opt to use, you get ALL OF THIS .  . . 

  • Color-coded grocery lists make it easy to swap out ingredients or whole meals
  • Printable Menus to hang on the fridge or near your calendar, so you can easily see what’s for dinner that week and your family can too
  • Access to the entire month at once!
  • 1 Hour Freezer Stash Plans – a new plan each month to stock your freezer with 6 meals in 1 hour!

You can use the traditional, slow cooker menu plan, whole foods or no sugar/no flour menu plan OR you can use different plans each week OR make your own using recipes from all four plans. Yup, you get access to ALL the plans, ALL the time

I love this – because I’m always changing my mind about what I want to be cooking. And I especially love that I get all the plans for one low price. 

I’m so sold on this plan that I’ll be preparing the meals for the Slow Cooker meal plan on Facebook LIVE for 9 am PDT this week! That’s right – for the first time ever – I’ll be live on the Queen Bee Facebook page preparing my dinners from the Eat at Home meal plan so you can see just how simple (and delicious) these meals are. Watch my live from Wednesday morning here – I whip up a batch of Slow Cooker Chicken Curry! 

Now for the deal . . .I can’t believe how affordable this is!

Use the code FALL at checkout to get 30% off Eat at Home’s weekly meal plans through September 18These meal plans include EVERYTHING you need to get dinner on the table in no time, including the recipes and grocery lists!

What does that mean? You get all of this for as little as $1.13 per week when you sign up for the annual plan or $2.45 per week when you try out the service for just a month when you use the code FALL at checkout!

Get started with the Eat at Home Meal Plan!

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