December 12, 2016

4 Reasons Why Disney Cruises are GREAT for Extended FAMILY vacations


4 Reasons Why Disney Cruises are GREAT for Extended FAMILY vacations

I absolutely adore taking extended family on our vacations. I love that it gives my kids a chance to bond in a special way with family members that they don’t see on a daily basis. But planning a vacation with multiple families can feel overwhelming and stressful when considering the variety of interests that surely come into play.

Enter: Disney Cruise Line. Seriously, this is the perfect vacation option when you want an awesome trip that includes the kids’ grandparents, or aunts and uncles, or even multiple sets of family friends!  

Here are just FOUR reasons you should consider a Disney Cruise for extended family (or friend) vacations :


1.) Dining made incredibly simple. Lots of people trying to decide where to eat can feel like a zoo. On a Disney Cruise, you have a wide range of choices already included in the cruise fare. Dine all together at the themed rotation of restaurants.  Eat at separate times by popping into the buffet. Grab quick bites in smaller groups on deck. Get room service late at night when your teen is suddenly starving. It’s so easy and you don’t have to think about it at all!

2.) Separate spaces. Together time is wonderful, but a large group can also get tiring if it’s never-ending. On a Disney Cruise there is a space for everyone. Kids 3-12 get an incredible Disney fun-filled kids club with extensive programming. Tweens ages 11-13 get a special hangout just for them. And teens 14-17 get a super chill teen hangout that even includes a teen pool on some ships. So while the kids are off having their own fun, the adults can unwind as they please. Visit the adults only pool area for a tropical drink and cooling off. Dine at the amazing adult only fine dining restaurants. Relax at the spa, go wine or liquor tasting, or with a verandah stateroom, just retreat to your private balcony and take in the amazing sunset.


3.) Whole family fun. During the times you are together, you can’t beat the array of activities offered to you. Speed through the water slides and splash in the pool. See a first run movie in the movie theater. Watch the kids’ faces light up as they meet favorite characters. Take part in a pirate party on deck with special fireworks.  See nightly Broadway style shows, do family crafts, play mini golf and more, all included! There is something for EVERYTHING on the ship!

4.) Ability to select exact room locations in advance.  This is a big deal for some families. In many hotels, you can request nearby rooms but it’s not guaranteed. When we book a Disney Cruise, you can choose the exact stateroom numbers in advance guaranteeing your rooms are near each other, keeping everyone together. You can even opt for connecting rooms so kids can go between!  

Never sailed before?  The best part is you don’t have to know anything sailing or cruises when you have your own specialist in Disney vacations putting it all together for you! We can help you select the best sailing, best rooms for you, pre-arrange the activities that need to be booked, help with shore excursions, arrange pre- or post- stays, and provide the best tips to help you get the most value out of your cruise. We can also help simplify the planning process with multiple families trying to coordinate – each with their own lists of questions, needs and requests! We can make sure everyone’s needs are met, so no family member gets stuck as the point person for it all.  A vacation with more family and friends, on simply magical ships, with all of the work done for you?  Now that’s perfect!

sabrina-enchanted-travelerThis post was written by Sabrina Tinius, a specialist in planning Disney vacations for families who want less stress and more time making memories that last a lifetime. 

Through her in depth destination knowledge, park touring strategies and incredibly detailed planning, Sabrina is here to help you have a more enjoyable Disney vacation — while saving you tons of time and stress. And when she’s not busy crafting amazing Disney vacations, you can find her hanging out with her two awesome kids, taking family vacations of her own, and occasionally baking up a storm in her Seattle area kitchen. 

Meet Sabrina and get ready to experience just how amazing a well planned Disney vacation can be at


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