October 21, 2013

Favado – Save money with Favado, new FREE nationwide savings app


Favado Coupon App

Want to save money on the go? Check out this new app called Favado – an app that compiles grocery store match-ups and coupons from across the country – for you to access on your iPhone or Android. Favado is the most comprehensive grocery and shopping app I’ve seen to date and Queen Bee Coupons has played a role in putting it all together!

Here’s how Favado works:


You can pick your favorite stores, select your favorite products and essentially have hundreds of ads at your fingertips to find the best bargains! You can search by type of product and see prices across multiple stores. Want organic items? Click a button and see a list of organic items on sale at all your favorite stores!  It’s really pretty amazing.

And this app is NATIONWIDE! I know a lot of my readers live all across the country – well your stores will be in this app!

Here’s how to get started . . . you are literally the first people to hear about the Favado app nationwide. Favado is FREE and here is how you create a Favado account:

1.) FIRST Create a Favado account here. You will use this account to login to the app.

2.) Head over to the Apple iTunes store or Google Play and download the Favado app. It’s FREE!

3.) Login and you’ll be able to start accessing ads right away!  You pick your favorite deals and email yourself a list. Then you’ll be able to print off your coupons and list and head to the store!

Of course we still plan on providing the best online deals and unadvertised store deals here at Queen Bee Coupons. That won’t change, I just see this as another opportunity for you to get your information on the go  and in an easy-to-use format – because we’re all so busy.

Favado features:

Compare prices – Favado features sales information for favorite grocery, drug and big box chains stores. Easily compare prices on specific items or categories across multiple stores at once.

Easy organization – Build and share shopping lists for the week, of favorites, or those once-in-awhile stock-up items.

Top deals – Store experts from across the country are providing additional regional sales data to Favado. These experts choose their favorite “top deals” for the week, so you don’t have to dig through them all for the best.

Personalized sales – Most people buy the same items week to week. Save your favorite products and brands to the “Faves” list to see stores offering sales on your preferred items.

Notifications – Don’t miss a new sale, we’ll send you notifications of new sales for stores you select.

Coupon matching – Combining sales and coupons can be just another secrete weapon up your sleeve for saving big at the grocery store. Favado lets you know when additional savings and coupons are available, and where to find them.

Favado App – Watch this nifty video:

I’d love to hear what you think about Favado as soon as you get a chance to try it out!



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  1. Way to go Heather and Queen Bee staff! I’m excited to check this out!

  2. Mindy Gardner says:

    Is there an option to print you shopping list with the associated coupons included?

  3. Good grief Heather. It is as if we are married. I push what I think are the right buttons and I get “Queen Bee Coupons is not responding”. LOL, I’ll try it later.

  4. Will they be adding QFC & Fred Meyer?

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