November 12, 2017

Five scenarios when hiring a Disney vacation planner is a MUST

Five scenarios when hiring a Disney vacation planner is a MUST

DIY projects can be a lot of fun. But sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way you hoped. If your next DIY project is planning a Disney vacation, you’ll want to know whether this is a good time to do your own planning or whether it’s time to call in a Disney expert.

If one of these scenarios describes you, a Disney vacation planner can be very helpful!

1. It’s your first Disney trip ever (or first time in a long time). The Disney Parks are no small feat to accomplish. Despite the fact that many people show up at the park with no plans and then complain about their experience, you CAN have a stress free vacation filled with short waits, awesome dining, and accomplishing all of the things that matter most to you. However this takes a lot of planning and knowledge and this is where you’ll want your Disney planning expert to take the reins. They’ll learn all about you and what matters most to you, and then carefully guide you through options and take care of all the reservations and planning for you. First time visitors often don’t even know what kind of questions to be asking, so researching can feel tedious. Your personal Disney expert knows the questions to ask to make sure you get the most out of your vacation.

2. Last time was crazy and stressful. Perhaps you have visited the Disney Parks in the past, but you missed out on some rides because the lines were so long. Maybe you didn’t even know you could have had some special experiences and once you got there they were all booked up. Or perhaps you spent your days wandering, ending up in one long line after another. A lot of people think that this is just the reality of the parks. That couldn’t be further from the truth! You can, in fact, experience many attractions a day, all with short waits, if you know how to create the right strategy. Working with someone who can do this for you means that your next trip can be a million times more enjoyable than your last trip!

3. Young children are going with you. Was your last Disney vacation when you were a teen? Or perhaps you last traveled with just your spouse or friends? Taking young children to Disney requires a different approach to the park. Most young kids don’t do well with long waits or with staying from open to closing time without melting down. How do you fit what you want to do in a shorter time and without 45 minute + lines? How can we make sure parents still get a chance to ride the bigger rides? We can help you plan a vacation that meets the needs of little ones while making it fun for the older people in the party!

4. Multiple families are traveling together. It’s your family, plus grandma and grandpa, plus your sister and her three kids. Grandpa and Grandma only want to go to the parks for some of the days, your sister’s kids hate thrill rides, but yours love them, and some of you want to dine with princesses but the others turn up their noses at the idea. Being stuck in the middle of everyone as the lead person can make anyone want to pull their hair out. When you work with us, we take on that role in the middle. We’ll find out what everyone cares most about, who must do what and who hates what, and create a plan that weaves people together and at times strategically apart. We’ll make sure we link everyone’s reservations together, we’ll take care of each family getting their reservations paid, and we’ll take you out of the monkey in the middle position so that you can enjoy the experience rather than stressing over making everyone happy.

5. Life is crazy. Ok, so you are a DIY person. You love projects of all kinds and you definitely love to plan things. But here’s the thing. . . you’re busy and the idea of planning that vacation just seems impossible. When are you going to have the time to sit down and figure out all of these little pieces that would actually make your Disney vacation great? You don’t have to! You can tell someone else what you want to do, and like magic, they make it happen! So while you’re taking care of all the daily aspects of life, we can be behind the scenes carefully crafting that magical vacation you need so much!

Bottom line – You want your Disney vacation to be a dream, not a stressful nightmare. We all love a good DIY project now and then, but if you fit into any of these five scenarios, you’ll find that working with a Disney expert gives you a far, far better experience.

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This post was written by Sabrina Tinius, a specialist in planning Disney vacations for families who want less stress and more time making memories that last a lifetime. 

Through her in depth destination knowledge, park touring strategies and incredibly detailed planning, Sabrina is here to help you have a more enjoyable Disney vacation — while saving you tons of time and stress. And when she’s not busy crafting amazing Disney vacations, you can find her hanging out with her two awesome kids, taking family vacations of her own, and occasionally baking up a storm in her Seattle area kitchen. 

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