June 16, 2017

Fred Meyer Disney’s Cars 3 GIVEAWAY, enter for a chance to win a prize package ($729 value)

Starting today you can catch the new Disney’s Cars 3 movie playing at a theater near you! We’re so excited for this movie – Lightning McQueen and his crew are some of our favorite Disney characters! Early this week we stopped into our local Fred Meyer and we found they had quite an extensive Cars 3 collection – already in stock and at great prices, too.

We spotted Cars 3 merchandise all over the store – but you’ll especially want to check out the toy department for cars, tracks, LEGOS and other movie-related items! We found toys for all ages.

They had quite an extensive DUPLO, LEGO Juniors and LEGO display at our local store. My kids love LEGOS and thought the sets were pretty cool.

We spotted Cars 3 merchandise all over the store – like these Cars 3 crackers – so keep your eyes peeled while you’re shopping! We had to pick up a bag of these crackers – shaped like cars instead of goldfish!

ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN – Cars 3 prize package!

I’m so excited to be partnering with Fred Meyer to bring you an awesome Cars 3 giveaway! One lucky Queen Bee reader will win a prize pack of Cars merchandise (see photo above), valued at $729.85! How fun is that?

To enter for a chance to win, please comment on this post and tell me your favorite scene from a Cars movie! One comment per person. I’ll select a random comment on June 23, 2017 at 8 p.m. PDT. Pay special attention to the email you use when you comment – that’s how I’ll contact the winner!

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  1. Bonnie Striegel says:

    Any mater scene especially the tractor tipping

  2. Michaela Moore says:

    I love the part where McQueen tells Mator to always be who you are, no matter where you are -in Cars 2.

  3. Chelsea Kelley says:

    My son is OBSESSED with cars, can’t wait to take him to cars 3! We love both the movies, but our favorite is the first one. Any scene with mater i love. My son loves the scene in the 1st one where mater pulls McQueen out of the cactus’ and he gets his first dose of humble pie lol. Thanks for this awesome oppurtunity!

  4. When all the Radiator Springs residents go cruising after Lightning McQueen fixes the neon signs.

  5. Sheryl Pounds says:

    We ❤️ the Cars movies at our house! My favorite scenes are the tractor tipping from the first movie and Mater’s reaction to eating the wasabi in the second one. 🤣😂

  6. Brittney Hedge says:

    When Lightning found out that Hud’s whole life wasn’t racing, but that it was Lightning McQueen and being his crew chief. I cried a little when he became Cruz’ crew chief. 😉 (Cars 3)

  7. I can’t wait to see cars to be with my two boys but my favorite scene from the original cars would have to be the one with Sally and lightning take a slow ride

  8. Erin Rooney says:

    We love Cars! A favorite scene is when they go tractor tipping.

  9. Heather S. says:

    I like the scene in Cars where Sally & McQueen go on a drive and end up at the Wheel Well and she explains how it used to be bustling until the interstate was built. So emotional!

  10. Kim Hopper says:

    My favorite scene from the Car movies is the tracker tipping scene.

  11. Amanda B says:

    Our favorite part is when they go tractor tipping! We also love Mater’s Tall Tales on Netflix!

  12. Julie Collard says:

    Love the scene where Mater tips the sleeping tractors…😊

  13. Tiffany Guffey says:

    My favorite part is in The first Cars movie when Doc Hudson shows up at Lightenings final race to be his crew chief. I love their relationship! I would share my favorite Cars 3 moment, but I don’t want to give any spoilers!!

  14. Kristy King says:

    My son looooved when Mater and McQueen are flying through the air. He was mind blown that a car could fly!

  15. When Mater is in court hitting on the lower car!

  16. Danielle Dedmon says:

    We saw Cars 3 today
    And I was touched when Lightning was remembering Doc. My Mother in law and son had a special bond over the Cars movies and she’s in heaven now and wasn’t able to come to this release with us in person, but we know she was there with us in spirit.

  17. Alla kinkah says:

    My favorite part of cars scene was when it was in the original when lightning McQeen got to the little down I tried to run away and made a whole bunch of damage my kids laugh each time!

  18. My sons favorite parts of the move are whenever McQueen is racing and when Towmater and McQueen go tracker tipping.

  19. Janice Lenertz says:

    Got to love when Lighting get painted like his buddy Doc……Best Cars yet!

  20. Alexandria says:

    I like the part when they are tractor tipping 😂 My kids just laugh so hard ! It’s a great movie

  21. Favorite part is tractor tipping! We love cars.

  22. Ashley Schouveller says:

    Favorite part is while “life is a highway” song is playing. My son and I bounce around and dance together every time 🙂

  23. Rexanna Chrisler says:

    I really like the screen when Mator and Lightning are tractor tipping!

  24. When mater and lightning McQueen go tractor tipping! 😜

  25. Cindy Rasmussen says:

    In cars 3, when lightning gets painted like doc at the end!! Great movie!!

  26. Amara Swan says:

    Any time when he said “I’m Lightning McQueen! Ka-chow”, as my son who is now 11 would introduce himself like this and zoom away!

  27. Maya Zivkovic says:

    Mater is seriously the best character, he’s hilarious! The tractor tipping was hysterical.

  28. Melissa T says:

    All gas, no breaks.

  29. Tamie Farris says:

    When Tow Mster & Lighten McQueen go tractor tipping.

  30. Stacey Wahl says:

    My favorite part is in Cars 2 when Mater tries the wasabi 🙂

  31. Jason Gray says:

    When lightning races the old race car

  32. Lacey druhot says:

    My favorite scene is mater backwards driving! The kids crack up and I love hearing them laugh!

  33. Anna Loudenback says:

    Love the scene when the Porsche comes and Lightening thinks it’s for him.

  34. Mater is my favorite character in the Cars movies. I like when he and Lightning McQueen go tractor tipping.

  35. Michelle S. says:

    My favorite part is in the first Cars movie where Lightning McQueen and Sally go for their drive together and he realizes that a simpler life is sometimes a more fulfilling life.

  36. Crystal says:

    My favorite part isn’t when Sally teaches Lightning to just love the drive and to enjoy the view.

  37. I haven’t seen any of the movies yet but I’m planning to take my toddler to his first movie next week. We’re going to see Cars!

  38. Renee Welch says:

    One of my favorite scenes from the movie Cars is when lightening McQueen and sally meet and how he discovers radiator springs with her. The whole movie is awesome and so is cars 2! My boys are so excited to see cars 3 tomorrow!

  39. My favorite part is when Mater and McQueen go tippin’

  40. Stacy McNaught says:

    I love the scene in the the first cars where mater teases lightning about liking miss sally.

  41. My kids and I enjoy all of the Cars movies but our favorite scenes are those with Lightning McQueen’s pit team.

  42. Bernadette Leritz says:

    My favorite cars scene is from the first movie when mater and McQueen go tractor tippin!!!

  43. Brandy Lanphere says:

    One of my favorite parts of any Cars movie is in the first one when Lightning McQueen was being towed to the big race by Mack!

  44. victoria patterson says:

    Tractor Tipping just thinking about it made me laugh

  45. Felicia says:

    We love the scene in 🚗 Cars where McQueen has to redo the road because it was a very good intro to talking to my little 3 year old about when we hurt someone or mess something up we can help to fix it.

  46. Tractor tipping from Cars 1 🙂

  47. We love when they go Tractor Tipping…too funny!

  48. Kerri McNally says:

    When Sally and Lightning McQueen go for a drive together.

  49. My daughter, myself and husband really think the tractor tipping is super funny 😂! Just sneak up and honk! Thank you for the chance to win!

  50. Krista Hofius says:

    Any scene with Lightning and Sally!

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