January 16, 2013

Fred Meyer – Simple Truth products affordable, healthy + enter to win a $50 Fred Meyer gift card

I really think Fred Meyer is one of the best places to buy real food at affordable prices. I truly believe it. I love the prices and quality of their produce and meat – important elements in my meal planning. And I really feel that the sales at Fred Meyer are real genuine sales – not just a slightly lowered price or a marketing gimmick. Add into the mix a NEW store brand that focuses on simple, healthy ingredients, with everyday low prices – and I think Fred Meyer could easily steal the show in the eat healthy AND save department. Yes, I really do think so.

Fred Meyer’s new store brand is called Simple Truth. You may have seen it in the stores – and if you haven’t, I’m sure you will after this post.

Simple Truth products include three kinds of products:

Simple Truth Organic – You’ll find tthe USDA Organic Seal on every Simple Truth Organic item. I found organic quinoa, carrots, chicken breasts, salad mixes, trail mix, canned tomato sauce – they have a little bit of everything. All with the USDA seal, which is important because not every organic label comes with this stamp of approval.

Simple Truth FREE from 101 – These are products produced without 101 artificial preservatives and ingredients. Things like energy bars. tortilla chips, cereals, carbonated beverages and other products that are commonly chock-full of chemicals and preservatives. See the list of artificial ingredients NOT in these products here. The Free from 101 products are made more simply with easy-to-read ingredient lists.

Simple Truth Natural – These include eggs and meats that are free from artificial ingredients and added hormones. PLUS fed a 100% vegetarian diet – something I prefer, especially with my chicken and my eggs.

Today I headed into my local Fred Meyer to scope out some of the Simple Truth products you should look for next time you’re in the store. Because these are store brand items you’ll find the prices are competitive, even when they aren’t on sale. For example, I snagged a gallon of Simple Truth organic milk for only $5.29 – whereas brand name organic milk was closer to $6 a gallon.

The Simple Truth organic carrots I bought came out to $0.75 cents a pound, which is great for organic whole carrots. This week Simple Truth frozen organic vegetables are on sale 25% off, so I picked up some frozen veggies at $1.34 a bag. Simple Truth Tortilla chips were as low as $1.59 a bag. I found some Simple Truth organic yogurts marked down to only $0.49 cents each.  And ever since I’ve seen them on the shelf I’ve bought Simple Truth eggs – cage free and vegetarian fed for only $2.39 a dozen, regular price!! A similar product at a competing grocery store is regularly over $3 and sometimes $4.

Next time you’re in the store, look for these groovy displays to see a collection of Simple Truth products in one area. And of course the yellow signs mean they are on sale. 🙂 Learn more about Simple Truth products here. And watch the Fred Meyer website for Simple Truth e-coupons!

ENTER to WIN a $50 Fred Meyer gift card
You could buy a lot of Simple Truth products with a $50 Fred Meyer gift card! Thanks to a generous donation from Fred Meyer we’re giving one lucky reader a $50 Fred Meyer gift card.

How to enter. There are FOUR possible entries available per person. Leave a separate comment for EACH entry. Do not combine all entries into one comment – or it only counts as one entry.

1. (REQUIRED) Leave a comment on this post – What Simple Truth product would you want to buy if you won the $50 Fred Meyer gift card? (See a full listing of Simple Truth products here)

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Fred Meyer – they provided me with a gift card to go shopping for Simple Truth products. The giveaway portion is also sponsored by Fred Meyer – they provided the $50 Fred Meyer gift card for the lucky reader! All thoughts, opinions, words, photos are mine – would you expect anything but the Simple Truth from me? 🙂 

And if you’re heading into Fred Meyer this week – make sure and check out this week’s deals!

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