April 8, 2014

Fred Meyer – When is the annual Fred Meyer Founder’s Day sale?

I’ve had a few readers mentioning the annual Fred Meyer Founder’s Day Sale – specifically wondering when it could be. If I’m guessing, I’d say this year’s Fred Meyer’s Founder’s Day sale is May 11 – 17, 2014. So just a month away!!

It’s usually the week after Mother’s Day and Mother’s Day is May 11 this year. It’s a popular sale here in the Northwest and avid Freddies shoppers always look forward to it. You can expect great deals on vegetable starts, fruit and vegetables and double or triple points! I hope they have Tillmook products on sale again this year, as well! See last year’s May Founder’s sale deals.

Do you shop the Founder’s Days Sale? What are you favorite deals. I hear plant starts are a great deal!


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  1. Helen in Meridian says:

    Yesterday at Fred Meyers I found that all the Challenge Butter had .30 coupons on them, but even better was a Blinkie machine with .55 coupons in it. I bought 10 putting a divider between each two. After the blinkie coupon and store coupon 2./$4, they were $1.45 per pound. Also this week both Lowes and Home Depot have the Bonnie vegetable and herbs $2. I ran into Walmart for something, and they had the Bonnie plants by the front door. I price matched and got 10 herbs and used a $19 store credit to make my 10 herbs for $1.00.

  2. I know it is a good sale if my husband remembers it and asks when it will be this year 🙂

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