July 31, 2013

FREE bookshelf gets chic makeover for only $3 out of pocket


I love how resourceful my readers are (or should I say bee-sourceful?). Check out this story sent in by Leslie.  She’d been eyeing a bookshelf at a local vintage store that was priced at $400 – but she knew she’d never spend that much on a bookshelf.

During her neighborhood garage sale, someone put out a cheap bookshelf on the curb with a big FREE sign on it. Leslie whisked it away in her car, knowing she could “doll” it up.


The first thing she did was add a decorative trim along the bottom shelf and then a piece of crown molding to the top. These were things she already had – so they didn’t cost her a thing.

Then she added two coats of primer and two coats of semi-gloss white pain, also supplies she had on hand. All she had to buy was $3 worth of foam brushes!

Check out the final product. . . .


Isn’t it a beauty. It’s amazing what a little trim and a few coats of paint can do for something. I’m so impressed with her creativeness. I would have never thought of adding the decorative trim – but it makes a huge difference! And for only $3 out of pocket and a little elbow grease – great job Leslie!

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  1. There has been a free bookcase on craigslist for days. If only I had a way to get it home!

    • Laura,
      Ask if they can deliver, I list stuff all of the time a lot of people will not ask for it to be delivered. I used to deliver, I just wanted the free stuff gone!

  2. Leslie,
    You’re amazing!
    I’m pretty sure that would still look like trash at my house, but you made something truly beautiful.

    • Thank you Maegen. So nice of you to appreciate my simple skills. I’m trying to do more repurposing. It really is fun and rewarding. You can see more at simplymusicwise.blogspot.com

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