January 26, 2013

FREE e-book – The Cornbread Bible: A Recipe Storybook ($13.99 value)


Amazon has this e-book, The Cornbread Bible: A Recipe Storybook, for FREE right now. It’s a $13.99 value and has great reviews. It’s more than just cornbread, it sounds like it has all sorts of southern recipes.

The book offers both recipes and the principles behind the recipes. This enables the reader to follow step by step as they learn the principles, then use these recipes for inspiration to create their own delicious cornbread dishes. There are also general tips such as how to care for cast iron cookware or tell when your oil is hot enough to fry a hushpuppy or corndog.

Included in the book are a variety of breads, including many gluten free options. Also included are side dishes (greens with cornmeal dumplings), main dishes (pot roast pie), and a delicious recipe for gluten-free corndogs. There are recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Amazon prices can change at anytime and FREE e-books usually go quickly. 


I just posted this homemade cornbread recipe last week! I downloaded this e-book and I’m interested to see how the recipes compare.

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