March 21, 2015

Redbox – FREE DVD Rental or $1.50 off Blu-ray or Game


FREE Redbox rental

Get a FREE DVD rental with code 5678JJNN at any Redbox kiosk. This code can is also good for $1.50 off Blu-ray or Game.  I recommend using the code online to reserve ahead of time – to make sure the code will work. Code is valid through March 31, 2015.

Have you seen any good movies lately?

(Thanks, Money Saving Mom!)


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  1. Every year I make a list of all the best picture nominations for the Oscars and my husband and I watch every single movie even if it doesn’t look interesting to us we both get our movies to the red box so we can watch all the movies for a fraction of the price the best movie this year that we have seen is the theory of everything. Soo good

  2. I tried to use the code today (Dec 14) and nothing happened. It didn’t say it was invalid or expired, it just accepted the code and changed nothing about the price. :-/


  3. Kim Schmaltz says

    Rented The 100 Foot Journey last night and it was very good’ my husband even loved it. If you like food, cooking and travel you will love this movie!

  4. Thanks for the code! Redbox is basically the only way I can afford to see movies these days!

    I have seen several Redbox movies lately. Not sure any were really “good,” but some were okay:

    Transcendence: Weird
    August: Osage County: BOOORRRING
    Blended: Pretty good, if slightly juvenile. Not as good as some of his sweeter movies (The Wedding Singer), but not as juvenile as many of his others.
    The Other Woman: Boring
    Non-Stop: Pretty good (especially if you love Liam Neeson!)
    Heaven is For Real: Pretty good. Slightly campy, but supposed to be based on a true story, which was cool.

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