July 3, 2012

Gymboree Big Red Balloon Clearance Sale + what a girl will do to save an extra 20% off

Oh my, sometimes I wish I wasn’t so frugal! Today we went to the Cinemark Theaters $0.50 cent kid’s movie. My daughter wouldn’t sit through it, so we decided to walk through the mall. I happened upon the Gymboree Big Red Balloon Clearance sale. This sale is EPIC. Jeans, jackets, sweaters – all $6.99 or less. T-shirts as low as $1.99. Nice button up dress shirts $3.99.

I knew there was a 20% off Gymboree coupon in the latest issue of Family Fun magazine – but there was no way I’d drive all the way home (a good 30 minutes away) for the coupon. So I put my loot behind the Gymboree counter and told the lady I’d be back in 30 minutes. I ran across the street to JoAnn Fabrics – surely they’d have Family Fun magazine since it’s a craft-based magazine. Nope. Then to Target. Surprisingly, no. Finally to Safeway – where I paid a whopping $4.99 for the magazine, with the 20% off coupon inside.

In the end, I deemed my little three-store-20-minute journey worth it because the $4.99 I paid for the magazine ended up saving me over $40 on my purchase at Gymboree. Plus I earned Gymbucks to redeem later this month!

After the 20% off coupon I paid no more than $5.59 an item and my average price per item was about $3.80. I stocked up on jeans, dresses, sweaters, and more in the next two sizes up! I also bought some great baby shower gifts. This Gymboree sale happens 2x a year – usually June and in January. This year they moved it to July! I really hate buying clothes – so I generally just do one or two big trips a year and pick up items at garage sales and thrift stores as I find them.

Gymboree are amazing at retaining their value! The jeans and dresses I paid $5.59 for will easily sell used for $4-5 at my local consignment sale this fall!

Some of the items I picked up. A Christmas dress – regularly $40.95, down to $6.99, plus coupon = $5.59. Pants regularly $37 only $5.59. Sweaters $5.59. and then regular shirts were much less – as low as $1.50 after coupon! The shirts and leggings aren’t going to be as great of a bargain as the pants, dresses, jackets are – they will have the biggest discount.

Have you ever went out of your way to find a coupon for your purchase? 


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  1. Thanks for the post. After reading your post, I went upstairs and looked throughy kids toy bins to find the magazine and found the 20% off coupon. I will be heading out to the mall tomorrow. Looking forward to the big sales. Thank you!

  2. Awesome! Headed to the mall tomorrow to check it out!

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