October 16, 2016

Halloween Trick-or-Treat – Hand-shaped Treat Bags

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My mom loves Halloween. So when she was going to be town the week before Halloween she insisted on bringing supplies for these Halloween Hand Treat Bags. Who am I to pass up someone else paying for Halloween trick-or-treat supplies? I said sure, whatever you’d like. . ..

I have to hand it to her. They are sort of cute.


They are really easy – basically she bought a box of vinyl gloves (non-powder, not latex) and she filled them with candy and tied them off. Specifically she used Sixlets and Tootsie Rolls for the “fingers” (you can also use Smarties) and then bulk and bagged individually wrapped candy from WinCo to fill the palm area.

And they were so easy, my kids helped her make them!

For a little something extra she put a plastic Halloween ring on one of the fingers.

So I guess this is what we’re giving out at our place, thanks to my mom. I was going to stick to toothpaste (joking).

Do you have any fun trick-or-treat ideas? Do you do goody bags like this for your kids class? 


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  1. Love this! About tooth paste…we had a neighbor who was a dentist who always gave out tooth brushes! 😂🤣

  2. Omagosh! This is sooooo cute!
    I am going to try to get this done and take a big box of them to the hospital
    and the cancer center , where I was treated last year, for the little ones.
    It always made me cry to hear them crying during chemo.
    Maybe I can help them to smile a little bit, this year.

  3. Bonnie Born says

    I made these one year for the people that came into the soup kitchen that I volunteer at. They went over very well ! I worked there for 9 years and was always doing something for them. I can’t count how many cupcakes and cakes I made in that space of time! It was fun and the clients always appreciated my efforts. I am like a kid at the holidays!

  4. Fun size wife says

    Use vinyl gloves in case there’s someone with an allergy to latex

  5. Donna Richards says

    These look great! Our neighbor made popcorn balls every yr. We loved them and ran to get them first every yr. Makes for lots of good memories. Luckily Halloween is my Bday also. So of course the more cool things for Halloween, the better!

  6. Schnauzer Mom says

    I love Halloween. I live in a development and last year I had oner 320 kids
    I give out juice boxes….the kids love it

  7. Shelley Stringer says

    I am making these for my co-workers. We always have candy at work (vet clinic) so figured I would make something cute to give out on Halloween day.

  8. I did the same thing last year for my son’s kindergarten class – only I filled the hand part with popcorn and used tootsie rolls for the fingers.

  9. Very cute! But I’m not going to make them for the over 600 kids that come to my house!

  10. Love it! My kind of mom!! 🙂

  11. Very cool 🙂 My son & I always go out trick-or-treating at friend’s homes and at churches… this year he is at a band competition (Color Guard) and won’t be available, so I will “work” at our church’s harvest party.

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