January 24, 2013

*HOT* Safeway – Make $1.03 for every 3 Hallmark cards you buy

photo credit: Who Spends Money?

Check out this deal on Hallmark cards at Safeway – you can get them FREE, plus actually have a surplus of $1.03 that you can apply to other items! And you can repeat (or roll) the deal as often as you’d like!

Through February 14, 2013, when you buy 3 Hallmark cards you get a $5 catalina coupon that prints at checkout that you can use on a future transaction! Combine it with a coupon for the cards and here is how it shakes out:

Buy 3 Hallmark cards at $1.99 = $5.97 (offer excludes $0.99 cards)
Use $2 off 3 Hallmark card printable coupon (does not limit to one per person, could print multiples just change quantity at print)
Pay $3.97 out of pocket

Out pops a catalina for $5 off your next purchase!

You could easily roll this catalina into another transaction –

Buy 3 Hallmark cards at $1.99 = $5.97 (offer excludes $0.99 cards)
Use $2 off 3 Hallmark card printable coupon
Subtotal is $3.97,  grab some vegetables or food to get your total over $5 (so you can pay with the catalina)
Pay with $5 catalina
Pay as little as ZERO out of pocket after catalina

Get another $5 catalina! Rinse and repeat.

*NOTE* This deal is NOT valid on $0.99 cent cards, so don’t even try it. And the catalina should print before you even pay – so watch for it and if it hasn’t printed, something went wrong. 

New to catalina coupons? Read this post on: What is a catalina and how how to find current catalina offers! And if for whatever reason your catalina doesn’t print – read this post: What do to do when a catalina doesn’t print.

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(Thanks, Who Spends Money?)



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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Issaquah Safeway had a sign that read buy 3 cards and a dog toy and get $5 on future shopping trip. Wish I had taken a picture.

  2. This coupon comes up in a pdf format…am I able to print multiple copies (from the same pdf file) or is that illegal?

  3. I was able to print 2 then got a reached limit page.

  4. It worked for me in Mt. Vernon, WA! Thank you!

  5. Says I have already printed it, but I haven’t. What’s with that???

  6. My confusion is with the coupon. It says “purchase 3 cards totaling $2.00 or more”. If that means each, then the $1.99 won’t work. If that means total for 3, then any of them should work.

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