August 19, 2013

How to peel peaches {easy, quick method}

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How to Peel Peaches

What to do when you have a box of 25 pounds of peaches? The possibilities are endless (baking, canning, freezing) – but most start with peeling the peaches. And although I had heard that peeling peaches was an easy process, I’d never done it before – so I kept putting it off. I finally got around to it this weekend and let me just say, I was silly to procrastinate. Peeling peaches with this method was insanely easy!

Your peaches should be ripe – but not mushy before you start this process.



1.) Using a paring knife, score a big X into the bottom of each peach. Not too deep, just enough to cut the skin.

2.) Get a big sauce pan of water boiling on the stove.


3.) Drop 3-4 peaches into the boiling water, let sit for about 30 seconds


4.) Use a slotted spoon and transfer peaches from boiling water to ice bath (large bowl of water with lots of ice).

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5.) Remove peaches from ice water and the skin should peel back with ease!


Wasn’t that easy? I set up a little assembly line and seriously got 25 pounds of peaches peeled in less than 30 minutes.


They are so pretty when they are all peeled and ready to go. . .now what should we make with them? I have some ideas that I’ll be sharing throughout the week. . . .


Have you used this method to peel peaches before? What’s your favorite thing to make with peaches?


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  1. Peggy Churchill says

    What happens if you don’t have any ice. I have the Peches and the oiling water but no ice cubes. Can water fro the tap do?
    Looking forward to your comment.
    Peggy Churchill

    • The trick to this is having super cold water. Ice helps, but if you stick your bowl of water in the fridge for a bit – it should help

  2. This was SO HELPFUL! And incredibly easy! Why didn’t I do it sooner!!!

  3. I have used this method for peaches and tomatoes for years and always works great. Only time it doesn’t work is if whatever you are trying to pearl is not ripe enough, you have to make sure you keep your water hot,hot. I leave mine in till I see the skin split then I know for sure they are ready. Bow.. Canning peaches. Is so easy and taste solo much better than frozen. Cut down the amount if sugar that is supposed to go in it and substitute honey. OMG they are to die for!!

  4. Amazing! This worked exactly as described except that I left them in the boiling water for one minute. I peeled 10 lbs of peaches in about 15 minutes

  5. Never have, but works great! Thanks,the peach ice cream tonight will be great!

  6. i just tried this method and it didn’t work as I anticipated. I ended up having to peel with a knife. What did I do wrong?

    • Cheri Morris says

      It didn’t work with me, either, and I tried it with 2 different batches of peaches, a week apart. Sure wish I knew what went wrong.

      • most likely they were not ripe enough if the peeling didnt want to release from the meat of the peach, next time just give the peaches a few more days to ripen.

  7. don’t you take out the pit?

  8. I have done it this way my entire life. Not sure there is another way. And don’t be afraid of canning. Peaches are one of the easiest things to can that there is. And so yummy to have in the middle of winter. Just store them out of light like the basement. If they get too much light as time goes on they turn grey. Doesn’t hurt anything but doesn’t look too appetizing. Throw a towel or something over the jars on the shelf.

    • And make sure you work with freestone peaches. Life is too short to try and work with cling peaches. Cutting the stone out gets old in a hurry 😉

  9. Thanks for sharing….will have to give it a try.

  10. Hi. Just wondering r these peaches freestone or cling.

  11. I used this method last night and made some White Peach and Raspberry Jam and I also made some mini peach crisps to stick in the freezer in the cute little wide mouth half pint jars. That way, you have a perfect, portion-controlled dessert ready to go. Just pull it out and stick it in the oven. I still have lots of peaches left, so I’m hoping to peel, slice, and freeze them. I’m not really “excited” about canning peaches either….

  12. When I read your story, I remembered my mom doing this all the time when I was growing up!

    And she makes pie filling w/her fruit too…that way whenever you want to have a pie or cobbler, just grab a jar & you’re ready to go! Unexpected visitors over? Dessert’s ready in a half hour! 🙂

    • Sara – I don’t know how to can peaches (read: I’m too chicken to try). But I made some pie filling and froze it in pie plates – so it’s ready to go when I make pie crust (read: buy pie crusts) or want to make crisps. 🙂 I’m sharing this later this week.

      Love that this brought memories back from your mom doing this as you grew up!

  13. I use the same method on tomatoes, I had no idea it’d work on peaches too!

  14. I love this way to peel peaches. I haven’t ever had enough to do it tho! I love peaches on Cheerios, in yogurt, or with granola. Peach crisp is the bomb! Pie, puree, jam…my mom does an easy freezer jam recipe for all her fruit. Can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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