July 5, 2012

Meet our chickens – we love them! Name that chicken, win $15 Amazon gift card

It’s near impossible to get all five chickens in one picture. Here’s one with four of them and one in the distance.

Today marks one week from the day we finished our chicken coop and brought home our chickens. I can’t begin to tell you how much we are enjoying our chickens. They bring excitement to our house everyday. The kids LOVE looking for eggs a few times a day. The chickens are quieter than I expected and require so little maintenance (so far). Although I didn’t think I’d want them in my yard (and their coop is plenty big enough), we’ve been letting them out daily to wander around, eat grass and grubs and get a little exercise. The kids love it and the chickens do, too.

We are currently geting about two to three eggs a day. Two of our chickens just hatched in February, so they will start laying any day – but don’t think they are just yet. Once they all get comfortable and settle into their new home I think they will lay more.

Yesterday was our first day actually cooking the eggs. I don’t know why – but I was kind of hoarding them for awhile. Like they were too precious to cook – but we finally made scrambled eggs with a little shredded cheese. The kids devoured it. Our first “farm” to table meal – the first of many eggs-celent breakfasts. They were, as people have said, so much more flavorful and delicious than store bought eggs.

We picked up our chickens up from Mavis – they came home in a large box with pine shavings and were promptly put in the coop.

Where did we get our chickens? We currently have five chickens. We are so lucky to have Miss Mavis barter with us – I traded three Oroweat Outlet vouchers for three chickens. I tried to give her more in the trade, but she wouldn’t accept it. We seriously lucked out. The other two chickens I got from my friends Celia and Tom (owners of Olympia Local Foods) and I also bartered for them as well – giving them things like canned beans from my stockpile.

What kind of chickens do we have? 

Amelia – Black & White Chicken – Light Brahma
Princess Lay-a-negg – Yellow Chicken – Buff Orpington
Girly – Brown Chicken- Partridge Cochin
No Name #1 –  cross between an Orpington and a Jersey Giant.
No Name #2 – cross between an Orpington and a Jersey Giant.

The two chickens from Tom and Celia are a cross between an Orpington and a Jersey Giant. We haven’t named them yet and thought it would be fun to have the Queen Bee crew help!  Can you suggest a name for our chickens? The person(s) who suggest the winning name(s) will each win a $15 Amazon gift card. We are giving away two $15 Amazon gift cards – one for each winning name.

The two chickens both look about the same (see pictures below), just a little different coloring – which was tricky to get in a photo. They didn’t listen when I asked them to stand still and smile for the camera.

To enter – it’s simple, leave a comment on this post with your suggested names by 8 p.m. PST July 10, 2012. We will vote as a family and pick the winning names – and notify the winner by email. We’ll also post the results here.

You can follow our chicken and coop journey here. And I plan to do a tutorial post on our coop soon, as well.

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  1. Crack-a-lackin and Chickity China (the Chinese chicken)

  2. “The Great Chicken Debacle” had a no-name chicken who they named “Debacle” but here are a few other cute names from the book:
    Cornelia, Mindy, and Morgan.

    I also like the names Charlotte and Fern (you can name chickens after a spider and a girl 🙂

    My son likes Lucky, Honey, and Jessie

  3. Smoke & Ash

  4. Colonel Sanders and Tiny Tim. Judge Judy is also a good one.

  5. Kristin says:

    I’d have to go with Ms. Cluckington and Gertie.

  6. Lindsay L. says:

    Plucker,Clucker,or Chick-A!!

  7. Judie M. says:

    Henrietta and Minerva Louise (from the children’s books). (That’s what I’ve named 2 of mine 🙂

  8. Pennywise
    Couponasaurus Rex
    Romeo and Juliet
    Fred and ethyl
    Fluffy? Lol too fun!

  9. Lisa and Lisa…all three of our chickens are named Lisa thanks to my 4yr old daughter 🙂

  10. Mellissa says:

    Avis and hazel

  11. Sonia hill says:

    How about Sandy and Frenchy?

  12. (Eggs) Benedicta!

  13. Corrina says:

    I’d name them Sammi and Thurston!

  14. “Raina (Queen) Bee” & “Coupe” short for coupon. 🙂

  15. Adrienne says:

    Why, Henrietta, of course! And Stella. I’ve always liked that name 🙂

  16. Julie Masters says:

    Hen-ryetta and Penelope

  17. Lucy and Desi!!

  18. Snookie and jwow from Jersey shore since they’re part Jersey giants.

  19. Ying and Yang lol

  20. Marlo Bulmer says:

    Buzzby & Kluck

  21. Crimson and Clover

  22. Cluck-a-lious

  23. We have six chickens, Muscat, Syrrah, Rose, Zin, Reis, and Gertz. Pinot and Merlot are still available….

  24. Christa says:

    our vote goes to COSMO and WANDA ( from the fairly odd parents cartoon) 😉

  25. My children thought it wold be fun to name them “Ollie the Stomper” and “Gertie” after our favorite board book characters by Oliver Dunrea. Granted, they are goslings, not chickens, but my boys thought they are cute names for chickens, as well!

  26. Lola and Mabel

  27. Phoenix and Peony … becasue of their beautiful clolors, becasue they will reborn from eggs and stay with us forever(yes!), becasue they are difficult to spell so good for the kids to nail those two wors down 🙂

  28. Red Riding Hood and Opal

  29. Lady Luck and Lady Cluck

  30. Desiree Thomson says:

    Chicka Chicka Boom Boom & Eggbert

  31. In honor of fourth of July since these chickens look mighty patriotic:
    Cuckadoodle-dandy-sandy (sandy for short) & chicka-boom-boom

  32. Mary Ann Bisaha says:

    I would have to say: THELMA AND LOUISE!

  33. Joy Shepard says:

    Dwiddle dee & dwiddle dum

    Gertrude & Victoria

    Oops & adasie

    (I have twinie chicken ladies too) I Love My Chickens!!

  34. How about a good down home name for those chicken:

    Dixie Chick

    Or Bride of Optimis Prime (BOP) for the kids? 🙂

    Or if you can bring out your inner sync:
    General Tso

    And… Yoko Uno 🙂

  35. jaylene says:

    “Camilla” Gonzo’schicken from the muppets. The one that needed mouth to beak recessetation after she fainted?

    Matt says “mc nugget” Mean!!!

    AURORA the aslaskan chicken. Bailey says “Gabe”

    Chena and Harding to remind you of home

  36. Sabrahamsen says:

    Salt for the lighter one and Pepper for the darker one!

  37. janelle Diaz says:

    I know I would have to name one Henny Penny from the old school rhymes I grew up with and the other is so fluffy I might name her fluffy briches. I know they’re hokey names but that’s just me I guess 😉

  38. Chicken no name #1: Star-cluck ( kinda sounds like starbucks)
    Chicken no name #2: Camilla (after Gonzo the muppets pet chicken)

  39. No one is suggesting the all so famously beloved star wars names?!
    Princess Leia (lei-a(n)-egg 😉 )
    Padme amIdala

  40. Maureen says:

    Ima Clucker and Fifi

  41. I think they should be “over” and “easy” ;o)

  42. I think since you got them from Tom and Celia, you should do the Hollywood couple thing and combine names and name one of them Tolia (with the o sounding like awl).

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