November 9, 2012 – $50 off a $50 Holiday card purchase + FREE shipping

This deal is still available! Until 11/14/12

Yay! I’m super excited about this deal on holiday cards from – you can save up to $50 off your order with these two promotions, plus get FREE shipping. I personally ordered our Christmas cards from last year and I’ve never before had so many compliments on our Christmas cards!

  1. First head over through this link and you’ll get a $25 credit in your account because you were referred by a friend. This should apply to your account and come off automatically when you go to make a purchase.
  2. Then when you’re ready, go through this link to the home page and design your cards. At checkout enter code HOL25SHIP and get another $25 off, PLUS get FREE shipping! Code expires 11/14/12.
  3. Put at least $50 worth of Holiday Cards (has to be holiday cards for second promo to apply) in your cart. The first $25 credit should come off automatically and the you’ll need to enter the promo code HOL25SHIP that is emailed to you for the additional $25 discount.

I made 25 of the flat Christmas cards pictured above and my before-promo total was $64. After the $50 comes off, they were $14 shipped.

These are the highest quality cards and beautiful designs. Worth every penny, in my opinion! If you refer a friend or family member you get $25 applied to your account when they order – so you could earn enough credits to get your cards for FREE!

These are our cards from last year, from Minted:


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  1. bummer… i went to place an order today and this was the message i got.
    We have experienced unexpected and significant abuse of our refer-a-friend program this weekend, which has necessitated an increase in the order threshold for refer-a-friend credits to $100. This step was necessary to preserve service levels for our customers. We sincerely apologize for any frustration that this has caused.

    has anyone else had this problem?

    • Yes, I just got that message too. Plus they increased their gift labels to $15 from $9. I’m going to wait until the next card deal.

      • Danielle R. says:

        I just tried to order (on 11/14) and I didn’t even get to that message – it says that the code has expired (even though QB says it’s good until the 14th…). 🙁 Oh well.

        • Julie Hinds says:

          I’d really like to know if anyone has proof that this offer was indeed sent out as ending on the 14th. I printed it on the 6th for my reference, and then tried to order yesterday. They would not extend the wnd $25 offer, said it had expired on the 12th. Numerous blogs gave this same deal and all said the 14th, I believe the company is not being forthright with me. I talked to several people who all lead me to believe yesterday, that my “3rd party sources” had it wrong! This makes me quite upset as I believed them until I saw that others posting this deal have updated it on the 7th that the offer changed to the 12th. That doesn’t help if one printed off the deal to refer to when submitted an order like myself. I did still make an order and they would not give me the 2nd $25 offer, I didn’t press them too much as I believed their “lies” that blogs had posted wrong information. If anyone can confirm to me for sure that the company originally really did have it expiring on the 12th, I may still speak with them one more time, I think they should know that this is not good business, even if they don’t give me a $25 credit. Thanks!

  2. Lovely photography on your Christmas cards. Your kids are so cute! 🙂

  3. GINA PITTMAN says:

    thank you! 14 bucks shipped!

  4. This is a great deal!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Dang! We ordered them on Sunday and had to pay shipping! Oh well. We love what we got and still saved $50.

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