August 20, 2017

My Goodwill finds from today – Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 set, Shark vacuum, Duluth Trading messenger bag

My daughter and I have a bit of a Sunday morning tradition. We stop into Goodwill shortly after they open and look for treasures. We’ve had some great luck thrifting this summer and today was no different!

I’m probably most excited for the Q-BA-MAZE 2.0: Mega Stunt Set that we picked up for $3.99. This set retails for $70-80 new. The kids are already playing with it – has all the pieces and the marbles. SCORE! I can’t believe it was only $3.99 – a savings of $76 . . . plus we saved all the sales tax by not paying $80!

My second favorite deal might be this Duluth Trading messenger bag for $7.99. Now this is one of the higher priced items you’ll find at Goodwill – but this purse retails for closer to $55. That’s a savings of $47 (plus tax!) and it’s in really wonderful shape. In fact, the inside looks like it’s never been used (You know how purses can get crumbs and pen marks and smells? There is none of that in this purse!).

I also got found a Shark hand vac for $7.99. I tested it out in the store and it is a much higher powered hand vacuum than we currently have. I’m really tickled with it. From what I can tell it retails for close to $50.

I also got a vintage blue handled Granite Ware bowl for $3.99. I’m going to put it on my front patio with some flowers in it.

We’ve been school clothes shopping all summer at thrift shops, but this morning I picked up a few more items for my son. I got a GAP cable knit sweater (looks brand new) for $1.99 (reg. $36-$45), an Under Armour long-sleeve shirt for football $5.99 and a Idaho State Bengals shirt for $0.99.

Finally, the last item I found is a handheld packing tape dispenser for $0.99. These are only $10-12 new and I’ve been meaning to get one for packaging up all the LuLaRoe we ship out. We will definitely put this to good use!

So there you have it! A sneak peek at the secondhand treasures we found today. Have you found any great secondhand deals lately? 



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  1. Kev/Carol says:

    My favorite store is goodwill at least twice a week sometimes more!!!!! Always great finds

  2. Today my son and I stopped in to the Goodwill and I got a button down Ralph Lauren polo shirt for $1.99. Normally I buy a lot more but the racks were bare because of the back to school shoppers which makes me happy that more people are recycling clothing instead of buying new.

  3. Last week I went to my local goodwill where I found a 2 pieces party dress for $3.99 I decided to try it on and yes it was for me, then when I was ready to pay the cashier told me that was something suspicious about the price, I said I just found it like that. she said that the price was wrong because it was a nice dress end of the story she wanted me to pay like $12.99 I said no thank you. I also take a pic of the dress and price tag

    • Kev/Carol says:

      My favorite store is goodwill at least twice a week sometimes more!!!!! Always great finds.I have. found some goodwill have ridiculous. prices had one employee tell me the same that. item was priced wrong well not. my fault. The items are donations if I want to pay full price I expect new not used.

  4. Jodee Countess says:

    Jealous. Great finds. Our Goodwill has gotten stupid with their pricing, charging almost retail prices on most things now. Greatful we have Just Between Friends consignment. Love the blue pot.

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