August 26, 2014

*HOT!* Tacoma News Tribune Subscription – $1 each PLUS earn up to a $30 gift card


Looking for more coupons?? The Sunday paper is the best for getting high-value, manufacturer coupons. Here in Western Washington, the Tacoma News Tribune Couponer’s Subscription Special has a fantastic deal! Not only do you get multiple Sunday papers delivered for $1, but you can also get up to $30 in gift cards to the grocery store of your choice! If you calculate the value of the gift card it’s as low as $0.76 a paper! Hands down the best deal I’ve seen.

This also includes digital access at no extra cost, so you can read the News Tribune online.

Here are the main details:

  • This offer is for NEW subscribers only (current subscribers – see step 5)
  • Pre-pay only for a six-month period
  • You can get up to SIX Sunday papers delivered
  • *BONUS!* Earn up to $30 in gift cards, valid at most NW grocery stores – Fred Meyer, Safeway, Albertsons, Whole Foods, QFC, etc.

This is for a 26 week subscription – more than 6 months of papers!

2 Sunday papers – $52

3 Sunday papers – $78get a $10 gift card
It’s like getting 76 papers for $68 or $0.87 each!

4 Sunday papers – $104get a $20 gift card
It’s like getting 104 papers for $84 or $0.81 each!

*BEST VALUE* 5 Sunday papers – $130 get a $30 gift card!
It’s like getting 130 papers for $100 or $0.76 each!

6 Sunday papers – $156 – no gift card included

The BEST value is 5 Sunday papers for $130 plus the $30 gift card. I personally get FIVE Sunday papers delivered each week. This works perfectly for things like the Buy 5, Save $5 promotions – giving me enough coupons to make the most of these types of promotions.

Here’s how to get the deal:

  1. Call 866-754-8808 and ask for the QUEEN BEE SPECIAL
  2. Tell them how many subscriptions you want – choose two (2) to six (6) Sunday papers each week (2-paper minimum)
  3. Pre-pay and delivery starts 5-7 business days later
  4. Gift card redemption: If you give them an email, you’ll receive the gift card redemption info via email. If you provide a mailing address you’ll receive the gift card info in the mail. You select which stores your gift cards are for and they should arrive in 4-6 weeks! If you cancel your pre-paid subscription in the first 90 days they will refund the balance MINUS the gift card values. This is to prevent people for signing up for the offer only for the gift cards, make sense?
  5. Current subscribers – Email them at and explain that you are a current subscriber and that you want to re-up with the Queen Bee special. They will handle those subscription in-house. It’s a super generous offer for existing customers because usually when they offer the paper this low it’s for new customers only! CURRENT subscribers do not qualify for the gift cards – but you will be able to change your subscription to the $1/paper price.

Not sure if you qualify? Want to know if they deliver in your area (you’d be surprised how far they go!). Call 866-754-8808 and they’ll be able to help you out!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I signed up last week BEFORE this promotion was available – can I still get the gift cards? Unfortunately no. This promotion starts EFFECTIVE April 26, 2014. It’s a new bonus being provided by the publisher – we didn’t see it coming.
  • What stores are the gift cards for? There are many, many stores that are included in the gift card promotion. Safeway, Fred Meyer, QFC, Albertsons. . .even Whole Foods!
  • I get my papers at the Dollar Tree for $1 – why would I subscribe? The gift cards certainly sweeten this deal to BEAT Dollar Tree prices. But there are a few other advantages – if you are a home subscriber the News Tribune GUARANTEES your coupon inserts in your paper – if they are missing them, they hand deliver them as soon as possible. If you buy your papers from a store, the inserts aren’t guaranteed because they are handled by too many people. And many Dollar Tree stores sell out on big coupon weekends – so this way you’re guaranteed you papers and/or more Dollar Trees are limiting the number of papers you can buy. I subscribe because I like opening the door in my pajamas and finding them waiting for me every Sunday morning.
  • Any other questions? Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer!

Disclosure – I am a partner advertiser with the News Tribune and do receive commission for subscription sales. As with everything on my site – I would not promote if I didn’t feel it was a bargain. I personally subscribe and feel strongly that this offer one of the best they’ve had in more than a year!  All opinions and content is my own and you can count on me to be transparent with you!


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  1. Do you happen to know if this is still available?

  2. Thanks Heather!! Got a phone call from Kathy and she took care of everything for me!! She was absolutely wonderful and has restored my faith in the TNT!

    • Oooh, Kathy is WONDERFUL. I’m glad she took care of you. Thanks for communicating your frustration with me. 🙂 And glad the TNT was quick to respond!

  3. Help! I’m at war with Jim from Account Services. I called on Sunday when I only got 1 paper instead of 4. I then emailed customer service when I got nowhere calling. Jim has advised me via email that they haven’t had the Sunday Coupon special program in 5YEARS (LIAR!!) and they were going to be nice and not charge me for all the extra papers I should not have received!
    I did call the customer service number 3 times but no one understands English and when you ask for a supervisor they put you on hold for 10+ minutes then come back on the line and pretend they are the supervisor. My new found “friend” Jim has advised me I will now be paying $24.95 per month for a daily subscription with 1 Sunday paper and if I don’t like it they will just cancel my subscription- nice people they got working over at TNT! I’ve been reading the TNT daily for 40+ years / since I was in Kindergarten.
    Got any advice on how to fight back and still get my papers at a good rate?!?

    Thanks for reading,

    • Hi Nancy! I sent your info to my main contact at the News Tribune. He is very sorry to hear you were treated this way and he (and his team) should be contacting you ASAP.


  4. I recommend you calendar when you gift cards are due. Don’t be surprised if you need to call when they are due. Also don’t be surprised if the send you a general use visa card stating they are out of the other cards. But they are still good. Just saying close follow up may be needed. Happy coupling.

  5. Is this good for the portland/Vancouver area too??

  6. I just subscribed to the paper and they are still honoring this deal (11/20/14). Yay! I got 5 papers for $1each and got the $30 gift card. I’m so glad that I was able to find this post because when the sales people from the News Tribune called me a few weeks ago they said that the best deal that they could get me was $1.25/paper. I’m glad I waited and searched the queen bee website. Thanks!

  7. THank you Thank you! My subscription with the tribune kept going up in price, so I quit. Now, I’m back in couponing, YEAH!!
    They are still honoring this deal. I placed my order Oct. 28, 2014.

  8. Is this good for the olympia area too?

  9. Courtney says:

    Excited I just signed up for my 3 paper subscription! Thanks for this great deal!

  10. I have shared this. People are asking me if this is still good. I said I assume it is because you usually take things off when there not. Then after reading some of the posted I noticed the last person posted in May and one person said they wouldn’t honor it. Please reply so I can give my Facebook friends an update. Thank you so much for all your help.

    • Hi Tina – This is still available!!! I just checked with my contact at the News Tribune and she says they are still honoring the gift cards!

      • Thank you so much Heather for getting back to me so promptly. Good news so glad to hear this will make my friends very happy! Thank you for all your hard work!

  11. Melissa says:

    Has anyone else been missing the Target ad from their News Tribune Sunday paper? I get 3 delivered and have had no Target ad for the last 3 weeks!

  12. Beth Johnson says:

    Just ordered mine! So happy they deliver to Poulsbo, and made sure she knew who I heard about the deal from. Thank you

  13. Jennifer says:

    Is this promotion still good? I just talked with someone at the News Tribune, and they would not honor this program.

  14. Just ordered 5!! I have three biys 2 and under so couponing is a BIG help to me!! Especially having papers delivered with coupons since getting out of the house is a rarity!! Keep posting deals. I truly appreciate it!!

  15. Heather, Glad I waited! I just ordered. Spoke to the goofiest guy I think that works there. he was hilarious and apparently an avid couponer too!

  16. I had a subscription until a month ago. I got no renewal notice. I have been going to Dollar Tree and Safeway. Can I qualify as a “new” customer?

  17. Are you charged on a monthly basis for the subscription or is the charge paid all at once?

  18. susan till says:

    I can’t get it since I live in Greenville, AL. They said shipping would apply and regural rates! Hate that. Still trying to find coupons so I can start figuring out how to save more money.

  19. I am a current subscriber, so I was super bummed to hear about this great deal. After reading Heather’s comment, I sent an email to The News Tribune yesterday and they replied a couple of hours later stating that they updated my account so I can now get the Queen Bee special! Thank you Heather!!!!!!!!! Do you think you could list that information in the post so that other existing subscribers can get the deal too??

    • Melissa – I thought I had updated the post – but you’re right, this important detail was missing! I’ve updated the post for current subscribers. Thanks for leaving the comment and glad you were able to renew under the new rate.

  20. Just ordered 4! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  21. They are charging tax on my order, is that correct?

  22. any deal for portland/vancouver?

  23. Sara Williams says:

    Shared on Pinterest 🙂

  24. Too bad this deal is only good for new subscribers! I go to Safeway every Sunday for additional papers – only $1 there too and they always have plenty!

  25. Thanks Heather! I live in Edmonds and was able to order the special of 5 papers. The customer service rep said my zip code was not on the non-deliverable list, so fingers crossed things don’t change.

    • So cool! We live in Mukilteo and my husband tried to get TNT for my birthday last year (because that is how much I enjoy couponing)! Maybe we will check again to see if it is available.

  26. Queen bee I just called them and a lady told me that is not $1 Sunday paper. I mention you.

  27. I used to be a subscriber but got so tired of getting papers with missing inserts. Got nowhere with complaining to the deliverer or TNT, so I didn’t renew. Has anyone experienced a lot of missing inserts?

    • LaRee Welch says:

      They are the worst at missing inserts. I too called and complained and got no where. I then started getting it again but since I already subscribe I do not get to do their offer. It is still a hit and miss if I get my inserts.

  28. Thank you! Im sick of getting to the dollar tree on Sunday afternoon, and all the papers are gone!

    • Scarlet – I have horrible luck finding inventory at my Dollar Tree on big coupon days – so the subscription is the very best way to go!

    • Beth Johnson says:

      Scarlet, If you do go to the Dollar Tree, keep in mind that often they get the early edition, so it hits the shelves Saturday morning.

    • Go to Safeway for your paper. Still only $1 and they have plenty! I’ve gone in on a Thursday before and they STILL had Sunday papers and still only $1!

  29. This really lets those of us who are already getting a paper out of the deal. Not happy

    • I emailed the Circulation Director and he said if you subscribe with the same number of copies you have now and re-up for at least the 26 weeks, they will honor the $1 rate!!!!

      But you will need to email them at and explain that you are a current subscriber and that you want to re-up with the Queen Bee special. They will handle those subscription in-house. It’s a super generous offer for existing customers!

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